Jun 19, 2017

2017 Summer Goals

If I'm going to try to do this, I need to do this right.

We are at mid June, but for the remainder of the month:

  • 430am workouts - 4 days a week
  • Restart C25K
  • Diet Soda fast - try to eliminate the habit again
  • Increase water to 80oz (current average is 64-70)
No weight goals for June, let's face it there is only two weeks left. My ultimate goal is to get to the end of June, assess if I was able to do the above before ramping up for July goals.

I recently was just daily teetering between the 150s and 160s (literally 158 in the mornings on Fridays to 163 on Mondays!) Goal for end of July is to hit 157, a total of 5 pounds.

No weight goals for June, let's face it there is only two weeks left.

Jun 17, 2017

The 2017 Dust-Off

I'm not too sure about it, but the want is there.

Do people still blog?
I know I miss reading blogs....
the friends I made....
the cheering section when I would have a good week...
and the shoulders for when I would have a bad week...

If anyone remembers where I left off with this blog,  I had gotten a new job in January last year. I'm still there, working like crazy...a physically and mentally draining job that exhausts me to no end.  Ironically I do like the work.

My fitness, the reason I ever had a blog, hasn't maintained like I would like it.  I spent some time today revisiting old times scrolling through my own blog to see where I am now compared to where I was.

June 2017
now 41years old and holding out at 162lbs. (Roughly where I was in late 2015.)

I held my weight down between 156-160 for most of this year, but bad habits are creeping back with my "no time for exercise" excuse.

I can't complain! I know that I haven't worked out regularly since the time zone change.  I have inched my way back to my 430 wakeup calls, but only averaging two a week.  Things could be much worse.  But I miss my mental health more than anything.

I miss the exhausted satisfaction of finishing 3 or 4 miles every morning while everyone slept.  I miss finishing up my night with the kids and cleaning and know that I had given myself that hour in the morning.

This upcoming week is my 'no more slacker April' reset.
I have a full can of my protein powder, which is so much easier for lunches during the summer, and I have a focus to get that "April time" again.

Will I blog about it again? I hope to, but I also don't want to stress myself out for entertainment either.  I want to think that writing it out again will help me stay on target.

And for old times sake...

Jan 7, 2016

Where'd who go?

There is something about new years and new beginnings right?

I'll get to the beginnings, but first lets clear the air about my lapse in blogging for November and December.

No, I was not abducted.
No, I did not run away and gorge myself out of existence
No, I did not literal run away with a runner's infinite high

What did happen?

Can't say I have Mulder...but I may end up with some if I keep breaking my toes, does that count?

This isn't a proclamation of a return to blogging....nor is it a year end review of life and how my health or fitness managed all the things that life threw at it.

I will say that I ended  2015 pretty much even-steven weight wise.  I found notes from March 2015 of me weighing in at 167.  My 12/31 weigh in was at 160.4, so it was in the right direction but nothing significant.  Ending the year at 39yrs old and maintaining this lifestyle?  Win.

Moving into the new year I started another round of Whole30 just to detox from the sugar and cravings and such, and the scale is moving again.  I've seen the 150s decade a couple times but it was fleeting moments.  This year I will learn to get there comfortably and stay in that decade.

Another component for 2016 will be my 430am alarm for my workouts.  I am starting a new job next week and my beloved wellness time (cardio lunchtime) will be a thing of the past.  I hope to keep up with my running and trying to bump up my lifting sessions.

That said, the new job and the idea of my blogging being back is questionable.  I make no promises about this as the only promise I made was to keep working out and chuggin along.

For now, I will head to bed early so I may rise early for my therapy running time.
Mulder, you are such a tease.

Oct 23, 2015

Fitness Friday: Oct 23

I've been quiet on the fitness related posts, mostly due to work but also due to redundancy.  I mean how many ways or times can I share what is mentally driving me to keep going?  It ebbs and flows and right now it is peaking and I'm loving it.  I'm having to force myself off the treadmill to incorporate the lifting sessions and I am often in the evening wondering if I can squeeze a couple more miles in the day.  I'm currently hooked.  That is a good thing.

Before moving into this week, I do have to remark on the final tally from last week when I posted early on Friday.  I realized on Sunday that last week I had a first, or a PR:
This is my Polar summary for last week, you can see the actual dates in the far right.  Check out that overall weekly average for my activity!! Over 200% and with two rest days (weekends are just mom chores and running around.)  My weekly step count is misleading since I run on the treadmill and sometimes it catches the steps and sometimes not, but overall I averaged over 15K (minimum) daily.

Now about this week, I'm pushing along with my miles and feeling good.  My hamstrings are getting tight so I need to try and stretch better this weekend.
  • Monday: (am) 4.25miles + Insanity Max Cardio
  • Tuesday: (am) lifting session + TaeBo
  • Wednesday: (am) 4.75miles + powerwalking
  • Thursday: (am) 5.0miles + REST
  • Friday: (am) 3.75miles + T25 Cardio
  • Weekly Miles: 18
  • Monthly Miles: 51/55  
Truth?  Hubs is out of town this weekend and instead of wasting away with guilty-pleasure television, I'm going to aim for a long evening treadmill run.  I typically get better time when I do them at the end of the day (fueled from the day?) and have always gotten my longest runs when I do them randomly in the evenings.

No big plans here in Austin this weekend due to the rain we are expecting.  Soccer practice and games have already been cancelled so I'll likely go stir crazy in the house alone with the kidlets.

Share your fun plans!!
Make me jealous while I squirrel away in the house afraid to drive in the rain.

Oct 22, 2015

Back to the Future Day and Basketball

Apologies in advance as this post is basketball related!
    In case the rock you lived under didn't move yesterday, let me remind you what it was all about: 
    Yesterday, Oct 21, 2015, was #BackToTheFutureDay!!
    April, what does that have to do with basketball?
    Oh just a random trivia fact you can bust out at your next dinner party with dudes....

    Let me remind you of a player on my beloved SPURS team. 
    Tony Parker #9
    Not only does this man play amazing basketball and is amazingly good looking....but he's also a fellow geek! I wonder if Eva ever noticed? I'm shocked I didn't know this before, but his level of geekness was shown yesterday on his Instagram and then reposted too many times to count!

    Tony Parker, owns his very own Deloreon!!! 
    It was a gift about three years ago but yesterday he decked it and shared it in honor of BackToTheFutureDay!

    So I did alittle more digging research and fell in love even more...he loves ComicCon and other conventions!
    Recognize these folks? Walking Dead!!!
    Back to my loved Spurs:  First home game is next FRIDAY!!

    On the subject of basketball and the news, I wanted to do a followup on my earlier post regarding Lamar Odom since things have changed.  Luckily he's improving and has now been moved to Los Angeles with a specialist team to address his kidneys and to have access to more therapy.  Of course the headlines are simply about Khloe withdrawing their signed divorce. 

    Think about it from a business/logical sense and not that of a gossipmonger:
    Since the finding that their divorce wasn't processed yet, the news explained she was responsible for medical decisions as his legal wife and next of kin.  Her involvement legally speaking may have been his saving grace in this situation.  What if Khloe hadn't dashed off and pushed her weight around (figuratively of course) to get doctors and specialists and what not?  We don't know if he would have been pretty much 'left for dead' had she not stepped up legally.  If reports are true as to the grave situation he originally was in, some professionals without the scrutiny and media blitz would have gone above and beyond.  Withdrawing the divorce to retain the legal relationship for the sake of his medical care was perfect.  There is no legal need to remove her role if he truly has no reliable, legal (his children are minors) and designated responsible party to take care of his legal and financial situation. 

    Oct 16, 2015

    Fitness Friday - Oct 16

    I never got a chance to pop in and share my plans this week, which is good because I changed it up everyday just based on how my body was feeling. Gee, what a concept right?

    • Monday  - I was off work, but got up early like usual and hit a solid 5miles! = 253%
    • Tuesday - (am) 4miles + Jillian Michaels Kickboxing = 316%
    • Wednesday - (am) 4.25miles + REST = 214%
    • Thursday - (am) 3.5miles + walking = 201%
    • Friday -(am) Lifting session + T25 Core Speed + 1.5mile walk =211% so far!
    • Monthly Miles = 33/55 (ahead of schedule!) *not adding in walking mile

    The YMCA program I've been using for the last four months is requiring me to do an updated strength test before it will let me to keep pushing myself.  I was supposed to revisit at 12wks, but schedule and work and life and such I said 'no, I'll do it at 16wks.' Yeah, I'm at like 19wks now, so I will make the appointment. 
    Why have I stalled on that appointment? 
    It will also include the dreaded scale and measurements as well as that body fat machine that makes up random numbers?  I'm feeling good and relatively positive about what I've done the last six months, so I'm worried that those numbers will just be 'eh' and make me angry and I'll throw it all away and say 'screw it!'

    I'm afraid of the old April mentality.

    But I have to do it.

    So if I go in with the plan of low expectations then hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised right?  #wishfulthinking

    Any big plans this weekend for anyone?  
    We are scheduled for our monthly uber-level cleaning fest because of visitors on Sunday. ha!

    Dear Pseudo-"News" agencies: (re Lamar)

    "Kardashian reality star? No, no no. Lamar Odom, unlike those for whom fame is oxygen ... 
    whose fame comes in the absence of accomplishment, his fame was earned.
     As sixth man of the year, as a multiple NBA champion, as a result of his significant role with the 
    Los Angeles Lakers teams and being a beloved NBA teammate and peer."
    "I understand not everyone watches sports, but 'Kardashian reality star'? 

    His name is Lamar Odom. And we knew him, long before he got married on a
     TV show that we don't watch." ~Scott Van Pelt 

    And while most blog-readers are more likely Kardashian fans than basketball or sports in general, I feel that we need to identify the man struggling to survive in a Nevada hospital as the person he is and not the "friend of" or the 'exhusband of'.
    He is Lamar Odom.
    I've blogged before about my love affair with my beloved San Antonio Spurs.  Part of being a loyal and loving fan of the Spurs requires two things: a historical hatred of the Utah Jazz (Carl Malone era), and a loathing of the nemesis that is the "Los Angeles Lakers."  That said?  The rivalry between the Lakers and anyone is warranted. The Lakers are a phenomenal team that one must respect as a team and unit (even if Kobe is there) because of the strength of the team, and Lamar was as others have already said and printed, 'the heart of the Lakers.'  Kobe may be the star, but Lamar was the shine and heart.
    I watched Lamar as he grew up into the NBA from the Clippers to Lakers to Mavs and yes, he coincidentally became known to the non-sports world via his marriage to Khloe Kardashian.  He is a sweetheart of a man, everyone who's met him and been around him agree. I have a friend associated with a few current Lakers players and the rookies as well as the veterans are all distraught and upset about Lamar.  The NBA organization is upset and worried.  
    What upsets many of us sports fans is the complete disrespect and lack of credibility some of the pseudo-news outlets are using regarding this grave situation involving Lamar.  He is his own person and deserves to be discussed and reported as "Lamar Odom" and not that of a 'reality star' or 'burn out' or whatever other Kardashian hating theme you want to call him.  He doesn't deserve that, not in life, near death, or god forbid in death. Don't fault him for choosing to love a Kardashian. At least it was the best one of them, Khloe.  

    These gossip media and sources cling on to his faults.  Lamar has lived a life smiling but with shadows and demons constantly on his shoulders. No other individual has survived this long in his world and able to still have the heart and smile that he shares with us.  TMZ and other sources like them are clinging and profiting on headlines about where and how he was found. Yes, it was a brothel in Nevada. Newsflash people, it is legal there. And why is a legal and regulated brothel any worse than the numerous celebrities who get caught with prostitution associations?  His choice to visit that particular establishment from an STD standpoint is safer than the miscellaneous groupies he could have spent time with.  *however I would have encouraged a non-disclosure statement*
    Yes, he has struggled with drug use.  He has for the last 15years, long before the NBA and long before Khloe. He has lived a life of shadows and death since his mother's passing from cancer when he was 12.  Between his mother, grandmother, aunt, the burying a 6month old son who died of SIDS, to being in the car accident that took a friend's life to the most recent of his best friend, Jamie and another within a month?  

    Lamar needs and deserves a chance to shake those shadows, because frankly he was born with and has been fighting them for over 20 years. 

    He deserves reprieve, so yes, my prayers are to him and his family. 

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