Jun 27, 2013

Want to follow along?

In honor of my beloved GoogleReader abandoning me this weekend.....

I had to quickly decide where to follow along all my favorite blogs, and most went along the way of BlogLovin.

In case this ever interests anyone....

Voodoo doll?

Have I mentioned how much of a clutz I am?

Seriously, I looked down and saw how horrible my legs look (never mind the pasty whiteness) with their bruises and veins.  

Ask me how I got said bruises?

I have no solid idea, but I have a theory:

There must be a voodoo doll of me somewhere.....
may have been someone who tried to be chatty before my first cup of coffee.

Jun 25, 2013

72 hours later....

*I hate crappy laptop batteries....losing lengthy posts, not good*

I already wrote this out twice now, going from the highs and lows of Friday through the high of Saturday to the extreme low of Sunday and Monday.

Quick bullet version will have to suffice:
Friday HIGH: 430 workout!! The scale finally showed a good loss. Bonus: got to leave work early at 2pm!!
Friday LOWS: no gifts purchased at Target because of impending doom of sickness.  Lets just say that I'm out of the running for Mother of the Year with my Friday evening of living in the bathroom.

Saturday HIGH: Actually the entire day was a high, the kids and I got to spend the day in San Antonio with my family and a friend's birthday party for her twin boys.  The party was just woah, insane with their pool, bouncy house, and the GameBox (Games-to-you) there for two hours.  A party for 7yr old boys? Yes...she always is in the running for that mom of the year award I mentioned.  We won't talk about the homemade favor bags and music CD gift favors. I love T to death, but she makes me look bad. Ha!
It was a very long day and we stayed the night in San Antonio.

Sunday LOW: Woke up to LittleOne with a slight fever.  By 9am I'd given her tylenol assuming it was a sinus thing, but she quickly went downhill.  We ended up at a pediatric urgent care.  Two hours later, a urine sample fiasco, and emergency batch of Motrin, we were back home with a script for antibiotics.  Infection is still unknown until the culture returns hopefully Tuesday.  So that was a day spent with cuddles and hugs.

Monday LOW: starting the week off without my workout :(  I struggled with this decision, but obviously needed the rest.  Hubs took the first day of kidcare while I went on to a work thing that I HAD to be at.  Somehow I ended up eating something bad again and ended up wasting away my evening in the bathroom much like Friday.

I'll try and start my Tuesday with a HIGH - The scale is looking pretty good since I've had two sick days, but honestly I'm missing my morning time. That's turned into my April time.Tuesday LOW - Missed my treadmill time because the whole mom thing got in the way.

Maybe tomorrow.

Jun 20, 2013

NBA Finals!! Go Spurs Go!!

I may be an Army brat, but I have to say I'm from San Antonio now.  I went to middle and high school and then onto college all in San Antonio, so it is my 'hometown.'

I had an amazing best friend in high school.  To this day I still consider him my 'guardian angel' and is a pilar for me to turn to when in need. Our spouses know that Spencer and I have a unique friendship that was able to surpass religion, distance, and time. 

One awesome side perk of our friendship was the awesome experiences that he and his family gave me.  He and his siblings all at one time or another were Spurs "BallBoys".  Ever see those kids/people with the squeegies on the sidelines or with towels quickly wiping down the sweat spots on the court? Yep, the 'ballboys' as I called them.  And well as part of their compensation back then, was game tickets.  Kinda hard to use them when you are busy working, right?? Not for us! Spencer or one of his siblings made it possible for friends like me to pretty much attend 80% of the home games all season long.

This was the days of Sean Elliott
'The Admiral' David Robinson
Avery Johnson
heck even the times of Dennis Rodman.

So for clarification to anyone who may think I'm a bandwagoner for my SPURS?

You really don't know me.

Tonight is Game 7 of the NBA Finals....and no matter how tonight's adventure goes down...

I'm a SPURS fan through and through.



Today is hard but I feel like grinning.
I'm just one day shy of a full week of 430s. I can do this! I haven't seen much change on the scale, but I can feel it.

In fairness, I haven't eaten as well as I could have. I had the kids' soccer party on Tuesday, and yesterday I snacked too much. I'm hoping the scale is showing some effect of the sodium or the snacks? Right? Some excuse other than my fault?

No I own it.
I ate those sweet peanuts. Both handfuls. And I am the one that nibbled on L's leftover quesadilla. A smidge of a flour tortilla, but yep I pulled the classic mom move of cleaning her plate.

I am allowed to I roll my eyes at myself right?

Yesterday's dinner was leftover brisket.
Tonight is the first night without a kid function so its Moroccan for dinner. A basic tagine of veggies and meat, the boys get to eat it with bread while I use a spoon.

Its a challenge, but I can handle that.

Jun 18, 2013

Go Spurs Go

Pardon me while I cheer on my SPURS in kicking Miami's bootay (hopefully tonight) and shutting down this season as CHAMPS.

When does it kick in?

The endorphins?

I feel great while working out and again feel accomplished once I have showered and cooled down in the mornings (all while Hubs snores) but when does my body start naturally enjoy my new routine?

Does it ever?
Don't get me wrong, I'm digging the way I feel, the way I don't hesitate going to my lunch workout! The way my quads are starting to peek out is just slightly awesome, I'm just saying.

I'm just curious how long I can keep this up without hearing a complaint from the snoring hubs that grumbles when my 430 alarm goes off?

This is a man who struggles to keep weight on. We are on opposite ends of the spectrum regarding food. I mean he literally loses weight if he only eats 4000 calories. Must be nice right? Whereas if I walk too close to the cookie aisle I can feel my thighs getting larger.

Tomorrow will mark three consecutive days since last weeks start times were staggered.

Swim party and soccer awards tonight with burgers and snacks.

Think the kids would mind if I hoard the fruit tray?

Jun 17, 2013

I cooked, I baked, I resisted.

We had a low key weekend and I enjoyed my rest days, but I did have the itch to do more than rest.
Oops, I do play around in our gym and did some basic weights? About fifteen minutes of bicep work....but we won't count that.

I cooked, I baked, I resisted!
Blueberry pancakes
Blueberry lemon glazed scones
And I resisted.

I used to dread the Monday scale knowing of the infamous "weekend bloat," you know from the mindless snacking or grazing off the kids plates. Or joining in when your hubs asks for a baked good?
But this morning I felt great! Even at 430am I didn't mind getting on the scale and seeing how bad I did. I wasn't perfect so I was hesitant bit not scared.
And then I giggled. Precisely the sender weight as my Saturday weigh in. Sweet!!

And so Week2 began with a smile.

Jun 14, 2013

Basic Veggie Fritata

Oh happy day....this turned out fantabulous! And that's saying a lot from me about eggs.

1 small potato diced small
1 small onion diced smaller
1 cup of frozen peas/carrots thawed (actually warm since I defrosted in microwave)
3 eggs scrambled
1/4 cup of half and half
And Colby jack cheese. Amount? Too much to admit to.

1. Saute onions and potatoes with salt and pepper. Once the potatoes get some brown edges, add in 1/4 cup of water and cover to help steam soften the potatoes.

2. Add in other veggies and mix to warm. Cover and turn off skillet.

3. Spray your quiche pan (or basic pie plate) with PAM

4. In a separate bowl, scramble the eggs and half-n-half together and whisk to aerate.

5. Pour veggies into bottom of quiche pan

6. Sprinkle an appropriate amount of cheese on top

7. Pour eggs mixture on top and poke a fork around to make sure the eggs into the veggies

Bake in a 375 until firm and the cheese is golden brown.
 I let it set for about five minutes and was able to slice it like a pie.

Again, I'm not in charge??

Please tell me why I chose this week to start this journey?
A journey to become a kickass hot momma?
A journey to feel confident in shorts during the summer,
and most importantly to dip my toe into regaining some "April" time?

Six Flags, a doctor appointment, two SPURS games, and now another challenge to add to this?
A monthly challenge that all women endure, but it just happens to be THIS week?

I didn't plan this very well did I?

The light of today was that 4:30 was a success with another 2 miles.
That was a blessing, because work and drama got in the way of my lunch-time wellness. I guess I should be impressed, that now I am cranky for missing it, it was one of my favorites (P90X Cardio X)

This leads me into this weekend.  We have no real plans for the kids or anything, just clean, cook, and prep for next week.  I will try and get the kids to a pool or park sometime since its going to be gorgeous in the high 90's (yes HOT, but sunny.)

My reasoning for my 4:30s is simple:
Work hard during the work week.......so I can enjoy my weekends with the kids. 

Its the same reason I clean daily,  my weekend cleaning is typically the vacuum, sweeping, and folding of laundry.  All the pickup and organization is maintained throughout the week so I can typically get my big household chores done in half of Saturday or Sunday.  I also do our weekly grocery trip on my 'working' weekend day but typically by 2pm on Saturday I can relax and enjoy the weekend and family.

I mean, when else would I get to, right?


Jun 13, 2013

Skewed scheduling

But it got done.
Added two more miles to this weeks goal, which I realized while finishing up that I haven't set a mileage goal yet.
The primary mission this week was battling the alarm.
Am I winning ? I'm not confident to answer yet. I have one more day for this week.
I did my routine lunch fitness class but I didn't log it today. A 30minute Zumba and I barely got a sweat going. Oh well, consistency is key right?
Dinner was new, the kids and I loved it! 

Yum! And gluten free and low carb.
Hubs wasn't a fan, he added the spicy meat to an omelette. Not a bad idea. But it just leaves leftovers for me, sadly the kiddo loved it and left barely enough for one wrap for my lunch.  I haven't decided if this is a good or bad thing.

Jun 12, 2013

I'm not in charge, am I?

Those in charge:

"But wait, we need to have another hurdle or test for April.....I know, let's make her take a kidlet to the doctor"


1. Workout at 430 for the sake of consistency. Shower and prep self like a regular day. Take kids to daycare and then just hangout (aka clean something) until little ones appointment at 9am?
2. Sleep til 545 and have a non workout early morning, take kids to daycare, return home and workout before Dr appointment.?
Logic is leaning to #2.
Does this make me weak? I'm not losing my momentum, just time management. I'm still getting the bonus workout in, just at 630 after the kids are gone.

Scheduling woes...

In week one? 
Is this a sign?

Today I gave myself a reprieve from the 4:30 alarm due to a very long day at Six Flags yesterday. As I crawled into bed at midnight I saw the flashing alarm indicator a mere 4 hours away? Having taken some Aleve to help with some possible shin splints, I convinced myself I had earned my day off.
So I skipped my 4:30 wakeup call on the third day. I felt guilty as hell about it too! So never fear, I pushed through the soreness and attended my lunch hour boot camp class.

I may have slept in, but I still burned 300 calories.

All is well, I turned the alarm back on as soon as I got to work and promised myself and texted my hubs that 'tomorrow its on like donkey kong!' to which he replied 'sure....'
And he knows that attitude will irk me enough that I will do it just to spite him.

Aha, who's the sucker there?! Well its still me since he's sleeping til

Against the odds...

Why oh why did I start this journey this week?!

Day 2, Tuesday was a challenge. I admit to snoozing the workout alarm once. Just once!

By 5:45 I was done with two miles, two minutes quicker too.

But then the insanity hadn't begun until I sprung the planned surprise on the kids of a fun filled day at Six Flags. Seriously, I woke up early and worked out BEFORE a full day of wrangling two kids through a giant amusement park? I don't have a fitbit or pedometer to get an exact idea but I estimated about three miles of walking.

And the water park? That place requires swimsuits?! I hadn't put a suit on since my second pregnancy in 2010. But I put a brave face on, looked around the crowd and realized I could do this.
And I did.

I get double credit for that don't I??

Holy bathroom breaks!

Side effect of being good with your daily water intake:
The bathroom cleaning crew thinking you have a medical problem because they see you pop into the restroom every hour.
100oz by 1pm

"Just smile and wave"

Jun 10, 2013

Day 1: Survived

I did it. As promised.
4:30am and I got up and got dressed for the treadmill.
Two miles done, not bad for a first day back. No this was not a run, I don't expect to call my treadmill time a 'run' until possibly Week2 with a jog mixed in.
Seems I did go to bed with a friend though, a mosquito must have been in the house because I woke up with four bites on one leg?! And let me tell you the muscle itch you get when working out PLUS bug bites? Yeah not pretty.

I feel like a sneaky chef to myself today! I had one lonely zucchini in the crisper so I shredded it and three it into my salad. Yeah totally forgot about it and didn't taste it at all. Bonus veggies!  Totally remembering that for the kiddos.

Dinner was a success as well.
Crockpot carne guisada 
Carne guisada made gluten free for my carb count with a quick spinach tomato vinaigrette salad and a bowl of berries for dessert. The boys got to have tortillas for tacos and white rice for my little one who is soy and gluten free. Not that she eats much with us.

I survived day 1.

I feel like a slacker already but tomorrow we are hitting Six Flags for the day, and I'm planning on my usual 530am alarm to workout before. Aiming for two miles BEFORE a day a Six Flags?? Yep a glutton for punishment. 

So the real test will be that 430alarm on Wednesday.

Jun 9, 2013


Sunday... technically I'm considering tomorrow my first official 'insane' day but I hope I've set a good precedent today.

Meal planned for the week, all meals that I can eat as low carb and just serve carby or starchy veggies for the boys.
In fact tonight I've already prepped tomorrow's crockpot carne guisada. Tortillas for the fam, but I typically eat it with some chopped onions and cilantro in a bowl.

I even already prepped three lunch salads with grilled chicken. Go me!

I wonder how long this level of org and prep keeps up.

Talk to me after tomorrow's 4am alarm.

Jun 8, 2013

Here we go again...

And here we go again!!

All I know is that I do better when in front of an audience, whether its imagined or real.....so that means 'why not blog.'

I have to do something drastic, so bear with me as I jump head first into strict low carb induction type  detox this week.
Think that's bad? I'm also truly really promising to get up and do my treadmill time at yawn, 4:45am.

For real! I mean it this time! No really.
The truth of the matter is that I have very limited time with a full time job, two kiddos, and a household to run....but then there's Mama Laughlin and she has the same issues PLUS a solid blog that is hilarious and informational? Then I really have no excuse. (I wonder if I could get her awesome hair as well.)

I will work on more About Me type info shortly...I dread that part of this whole public and sharing.

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