Jun 14, 2013

Again, I'm not in charge??

Please tell me why I chose this week to start this journey?
A journey to become a kickass hot momma?
A journey to feel confident in shorts during the summer,
and most importantly to dip my toe into regaining some "April" time?

Six Flags, a doctor appointment, two SPURS games, and now another challenge to add to this?
A monthly challenge that all women endure, but it just happens to be THIS week?

I didn't plan this very well did I?

The light of today was that 4:30 was a success with another 2 miles.
That was a blessing, because work and drama got in the way of my lunch-time wellness. I guess I should be impressed, that now I am cranky for missing it, it was one of my favorites (P90X Cardio X)

This leads me into this weekend.  We have no real plans for the kids or anything, just clean, cook, and prep for next week.  I will try and get the kids to a pool or park sometime since its going to be gorgeous in the high 90's (yes HOT, but sunny.)

My reasoning for my 4:30s is simple:
Work hard during the work week.......so I can enjoy my weekends with the kids. 

Its the same reason I clean daily,  my weekend cleaning is typically the vacuum, sweeping, and folding of laundry.  All the pickup and organization is maintained throughout the week so I can typically get my big household chores done in half of Saturday or Sunday.  I also do our weekly grocery trip on my 'working' weekend day but typically by 2pm on Saturday I can relax and enjoy the weekend and family.

I mean, when else would I get to, right?



  1. I don't know how you do it all and get up at 4:30am. I would die. Die! You'd probably faint at the condition of my house, though. It's not a pig sty but it's not as clean as it could be.

  2. Thanks jenn, bur I'm sure my house could be cleaner!!

    And ask me later how I keep up, this 430 business probably just hasn't caught up with me yet :)


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