Jun 12, 2013

Against the odds...

Why oh why did I start this journey this week?!

Day 2, Tuesday was a challenge. I admit to snoozing the workout alarm once. Just once!

By 5:45 I was done with two miles, two minutes quicker too.

But then the insanity hadn't begun until I sprung the planned surprise on the kids of a fun filled day at Six Flags. Seriously, I woke up early and worked out BEFORE a full day of wrangling two kids through a giant amusement park? I don't have a fitbit or pedometer to get an exact idea but I estimated about three miles of walking.

And the water park? That place requires swimsuits?! I hadn't put a suit on since my second pregnancy in 2010. But I put a brave face on, looked around the crowd and realized I could do this.
And I did.

I get double credit for that don't I??

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