Jun 10, 2013

Day 1: Survived

I did it. As promised.
4:30am and I got up and got dressed for the treadmill.
Two miles done, not bad for a first day back. No this was not a run, I don't expect to call my treadmill time a 'run' until possibly Week2 with a jog mixed in.
Seems I did go to bed with a friend though, a mosquito must have been in the house because I woke up with four bites on one leg?! And let me tell you the muscle itch you get when working out PLUS bug bites? Yeah not pretty.

I feel like a sneaky chef to myself today! I had one lonely zucchini in the crisper so I shredded it and three it into my salad. Yeah totally forgot about it and didn't taste it at all. Bonus veggies!  Totally remembering that for the kiddos.

Dinner was a success as well.
Crockpot carne guisada 
Carne guisada made gluten free for my carb count with a quick spinach tomato vinaigrette salad and a bowl of berries for dessert. The boys got to have tortillas for tacos and white rice for my little one who is soy and gluten free. Not that she eats much with us.

I survived day 1.

I feel like a slacker already but tomorrow we are hitting Six Flags for the day, and I'm planning on my usual 530am alarm to workout before. Aiming for two miles BEFORE a day a Six Flags?? Yep a glutton for punishment. 

So the real test will be that 430alarm on Wednesday.

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