Jun 8, 2013

Here we go again...

And here we go again!!

All I know is that I do better when in front of an audience, whether its imagined or real.....so that means 'why not blog.'

I have to do something drastic, so bear with me as I jump head first into strict low carb induction type  detox this week.
Think that's bad? I'm also truly really promising to get up and do my treadmill time at yawn, 4:45am.

For real! I mean it this time! No really.
The truth of the matter is that I have very limited time with a full time job, two kiddos, and a household to run....but then there's Mama Laughlin and she has the same issues PLUS a solid blog that is hilarious and informational? Then I really have no excuse. (I wonder if I could get her awesome hair as well.)

I will work on more About Me type info shortly...I dread that part of this whole public and sharing.

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