Jun 17, 2013

I cooked, I baked, I resisted.

We had a low key weekend and I enjoyed my rest days, but I did have the itch to do more than rest.
Oops, I do play around in our gym and did some basic weights? About fifteen minutes of bicep work....but we won't count that.

I cooked, I baked, I resisted!
Blueberry pancakes
Blueberry lemon glazed scones
And I resisted.

I used to dread the Monday scale knowing of the infamous "weekend bloat," you know from the mindless snacking or grazing off the kids plates. Or joining in when your hubs asks for a baked good?
But this morning I felt great! Even at 430am I didn't mind getting on the scale and seeing how bad I did. I wasn't perfect so I was hesitant bit not scared.
And then I giggled. Precisely the sender weight as my Saturday weigh in. Sweet!!

And so Week2 began with a smile.

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