Jun 25, 2013

72 hours later....

*I hate crappy laptop batteries....losing lengthy posts, not good*

I already wrote this out twice now, going from the highs and lows of Friday through the high of Saturday to the extreme low of Sunday and Monday.

Quick bullet version will have to suffice:
Friday HIGH: 430 workout!! The scale finally showed a good loss. Bonus: got to leave work early at 2pm!!
Friday LOWS: no gifts purchased at Target because of impending doom of sickness.  Lets just say that I'm out of the running for Mother of the Year with my Friday evening of living in the bathroom.

Saturday HIGH: Actually the entire day was a high, the kids and I got to spend the day in San Antonio with my family and a friend's birthday party for her twin boys.  The party was just woah, insane with their pool, bouncy house, and the GameBox (Games-to-you) there for two hours.  A party for 7yr old boys? Yes...she always is in the running for that mom of the year award I mentioned.  We won't talk about the homemade favor bags and music CD gift favors. I love T to death, but she makes me look bad. Ha!
It was a very long day and we stayed the night in San Antonio.

Sunday LOW: Woke up to LittleOne with a slight fever.  By 9am I'd given her tylenol assuming it was a sinus thing, but she quickly went downhill.  We ended up at a pediatric urgent care.  Two hours later, a urine sample fiasco, and emergency batch of Motrin, we were back home with a script for antibiotics.  Infection is still unknown until the culture returns hopefully Tuesday.  So that was a day spent with cuddles and hugs.

Monday LOW: starting the week off without my workout :(  I struggled with this decision, but obviously needed the rest.  Hubs took the first day of kidcare while I went on to a work thing that I HAD to be at.  Somehow I ended up eating something bad again and ended up wasting away my evening in the bathroom much like Friday.

I'll try and start my Tuesday with a HIGH - The scale is looking pretty good since I've had two sick days, but honestly I'm missing my morning time. That's turned into my April time.Tuesday LOW - Missed my treadmill time because the whole mom thing got in the way.

Maybe tomorrow.

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