Jun 20, 2013

NBA Finals!! Go Spurs Go!!

I may be an Army brat, but I have to say I'm from San Antonio now.  I went to middle and high school and then onto college all in San Antonio, so it is my 'hometown.'

I had an amazing best friend in high school.  To this day I still consider him my 'guardian angel' and is a pilar for me to turn to when in need. Our spouses know that Spencer and I have a unique friendship that was able to surpass religion, distance, and time. 

One awesome side perk of our friendship was the awesome experiences that he and his family gave me.  He and his siblings all at one time or another were Spurs "BallBoys".  Ever see those kids/people with the squeegies on the sidelines or with towels quickly wiping down the sweat spots on the court? Yep, the 'ballboys' as I called them.  And well as part of their compensation back then, was game tickets.  Kinda hard to use them when you are busy working, right?? Not for us! Spencer or one of his siblings made it possible for friends like me to pretty much attend 80% of the home games all season long.

This was the days of Sean Elliott
'The Admiral' David Robinson
Avery Johnson
heck even the times of Dennis Rodman.

So for clarification to anyone who may think I'm a bandwagoner for my SPURS?

You really don't know me.

Tonight is Game 7 of the NBA Finals....and no matter how tonight's adventure goes down...

I'm a SPURS fan through and through.


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