Jun 12, 2013

Scheduling woes...

In week one? 
Is this a sign?

Today I gave myself a reprieve from the 4:30 alarm due to a very long day at Six Flags yesterday. As I crawled into bed at midnight I saw the flashing alarm indicator a mere 4 hours away? Having taken some Aleve to help with some possible shin splints, I convinced myself I had earned my day off.
So I skipped my 4:30 wakeup call on the third day. I felt guilty as hell about it too! So never fear, I pushed through the soreness and attended my lunch hour boot camp class.

I may have slept in, but I still burned 300 calories.

All is well, I turned the alarm back on as soon as I got to work and promised myself and texted my hubs that 'tomorrow its on like donkey kong!' to which he replied 'sure....'
And he knows that attitude will irk me enough that I will do it just to spite him.

Aha, who's the sucker there?! Well its still me since he's sleeping til

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