Jun 18, 2013

When does it kick in?

The endorphins?

I feel great while working out and again feel accomplished once I have showered and cooled down in the mornings (all while Hubs snores) but when does my body start naturally enjoy my new routine?

Does it ever?
Don't get me wrong, I'm digging the way I feel, the way I don't hesitate going to my lunch workout! The way my quads are starting to peek out is just slightly awesome, I'm just saying.

I'm just curious how long I can keep this up without hearing a complaint from the snoring hubs that grumbles when my 430 alarm goes off?

This is a man who struggles to keep weight on. We are on opposite ends of the spectrum regarding food. I mean he literally loses weight if he only eats 4000 calories. Must be nice right? Whereas if I walk too close to the cookie aisle I can feel my thighs getting larger.

Tomorrow will mark three consecutive days since last weeks start times were staggered.

Swim party and soccer awards tonight with burgers and snacks.

Think the kids would mind if I hoard the fruit tray?

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