Jun 20, 2013


Today is hard but I feel like grinning.
I'm just one day shy of a full week of 430s. I can do this! I haven't seen much change on the scale, but I can feel it.

In fairness, I haven't eaten as well as I could have. I had the kids' soccer party on Tuesday, and yesterday I snacked too much. I'm hoping the scale is showing some effect of the sodium or the snacks? Right? Some excuse other than my fault?

No I own it.
I ate those sweet peanuts. Both handfuls. And I am the one that nibbled on L's leftover quesadilla. A smidge of a flour tortilla, but yep I pulled the classic mom move of cleaning her plate.

I am allowed to I roll my eyes at myself right?

Yesterday's dinner was leftover brisket.
Tonight is the first night without a kid function so its Moroccan for dinner. A basic tagine of veggies and meat, the boys get to eat it with bread while I use a spoon.

Its a challenge, but I can handle that.

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