Jul 31, 2013

Workout Wednesday #2

**She has a fantabulous giveaway today as well as the linkup!! I have to go back and enter later when I have access (work censors and all...but also who wants to be first?ha!)

Heading into this week I felt intimidated, don't know exactly why....just like my body wasn't into it.
I admit that last week I completed my workouts and hit all my goals, but my heart and mind were not in the "game." Like I was going through the motions.

So far this week its better mentally but my body is adjusting to a new med and wants me to sleep more. It has caused me to update my workout alarms to 4:25am and 4:30am so if I snooze even both of them I will be annoyed every five minutes instead of ten minute snoozes. That sounds so sad, that my alarm logic is based on snooze duration time?

My Week7 and third week of C25K:
Monday - W3D3 + P90X Yoga + ML Jillian Arms
Tuesday - W4D1 + P90X Legs (minus back) + AbRipper
Wednesday - W4D2 + Insanity Abs
Thursday - W4D2 + Mini Zumba + ML Jillian Arms
Friday - W4D3 + P90X Plyo 

I have to admit we tried a new Insanity Cardio Max last Friday and I struggled! I've been doing P90X off and on for a year and this video kicked my ar$$!
 I didn't get the soreness until Sunday, but I have know found out I have outer glutes. As in the outer hip or what I call my "wide angle" pieces. Seriously if I didn't have that extra wedge of butt, I could get into smaller clothes.

Anyone else transition from P90X to Insanity? I've been tempted to try to do a 30day shred challenge but I don't have time to do that in addition to C25K. It truly isn't intended for daily runs, so it may work to coordinate the two?

#Mindless outloud rambling....

Jul 30, 2013

On the Table: Zucchini Banana Oatmeal Muffins (gf/df)

I randomly tried this recipe and the kids have fallen in love with it. so much so, that my son's class did a class-cookbook and they were asked to submit their favorite food from home and this is what he wanted to share. I told him that its kinda out there for other people to try, but he said 'no, they should!! they are super moist and don't dry out..mom, make them again!' (no lie..he's a good salesman.)

Because we've struggled with LittleOne's diet and trying to eliminate any triggers for her, we bake ALOT at home.  Trying to eliminate qluten at one point, I spent over an hour making my own oat flour from oatmeal. It was far cheaper for us to try it that way instead of the investment of a 5lb bag of oat flour.  I grind mine coursely so its large enough for cookies, smoothies, muffins, or whatever. 

(need to make again soon to get a picture)

Zucchini Banana Oatmeal Muffins (GF/DF/Egg free)

1 peeled and shredded zucchini (peeling it takes the green out and makes it hard to detect
1 ripe banana
1/3 cup applesauce
2/3 cup of milk or substitute, I used almond milk
2 tsp vanilla (this is generous, I like vanilla)

1 2/3 cups of oatmeal flour (use any flour) *
1 tbsp baking powder
2/3 tbsp baking soda
1/3 cup brown sugar (if using agave or honey, reduce applesauce or milk)
1 tbsp cinnamon
1 tsp nutmeg
1 tsp salt

1. Peel the zucchini if you have picky kids or hubbies! I actually shredded on the micro side to avoid picky kids noticing!
2. Take the shredded zuchini and press it with paper towels or cheesecloth to remove as much moisture as possible. I used a weighted bowl and towels to do it while I mixed the dry ingredients.
3. Combine the mashed banana into the zucchini, I mixed them thoroughly to make sure the flavors mixed well.
4. Add remaining wet ingredients to the banana/zucchini mixture.
5. In a separate bowl combine the dry ingredients.
6. Spice accordingly for your tastes. I used a 'jamacian baking spice mix' that has nutmeg, cloves and orange zest in it. Or just what you would normally for banana or spice bread.
7. Slowly combine your dry into your wet ingredients, mixing with a fork. This is muffin or bread, so do not over mix!

Standard muffins = 375* for 20minutes
mini muffins = 375* for 15minutes
bread = 375* for likely 45minutes depending on loaf size.

These muffins were insanely moist!! Almost spongey soft.

Little one ate three mini muffins for dinner....and well it had vegetables, how could I say 'no'??
 Hubs had no idea what was in them and grabbed them thinking they were banana muffins. Randomly texted me that the muffins were 'extra good this time'....sssh, we don't need to tell him either!

Bonus?? Get down with comfort food and add in some chocolate chips

Jul 26, 2013

Five on Friday

Linking up to The Good Life Blog this week!

1.       These linkups are fun! I have found too many new blogs to follow and try and comment on now…I’m turning into a junkie in more ways than one.  (this is AFTER two rounds of cleanup this morning)

2.       I’ve struggled this week with mental blocks.  Nothing physical stopping my oomph, but my head is just not in the game as much as it was in prior weeks.  I keep telling myself not to look at the scale because my brain knows that my muscles are popping and my measurements are getting smaller….but the girly-warped-brain sees that number in a plateau and not dipping below that certain decade. Move it and justify my hard work darnit! (but the real-brain says ‘dang girl, your quads are poppin!! You are fitting into your skinny girl clothes again!) sigh. Girl-Brain sucks.

3.       I look forward to Thursdays, it’s an inside joke, but it’s a wonderful thing to brighten up my week.

4.       I am showing my age here, but must share this secret gem I’ve found.  Seriously, I’m not a girly-girl, never have been. You’d most likely find me on the tennis court or in the pool doing laps than moisturizing and being prissy as I called it back in my young days.  But here I am creeping towards a dreaded decade and realize that to keep up the façade of my youth, I need to take better care of my skin.

5.       This marks Week6 of this incarnation of my blog.
Six weeks of commitment to waking up at 4:30am
Six weeks of working out 5days a week
Six weeks of making a conscious effort to better myself in fitness and attitude.

And between the resurgence of cuter clothes, better skin, and most of all, a better ATTITUDE, I’d have to say that it is working.

I get more done before 5am than most.
What did you do for yourself today?
(old Army quote)

Jul 24, 2013

Workout Wednesday #1

(Button issues tonight...fixing mañana)

Okay, jumping onto the bandwagon that is SkinnyMeg and friends to share the weeks workouts thus far and what's on tap for the rest of the week.

Welcome to any visitors!!

So this is MY Week2 on the C25K plan, which is good and bad.  I have to admit that my mileage is way way down from when I was naturally just jogging/wogging with no training whatsoever, but I'm forcing myself to stick with the guidelines. 
(I really need to add "wogging" into my accepted words! I don't 'wag,' but 'wog!' We all know the phrase right? More than a walk but not quite a jog? Or intervals?)

Monday - W2d3 35minutes and midday session was P90X Cardio + Mama Laughlin's arm routine
Tuesday - inclines! 2.85 miles on 4.5 incline + midday P90X Chest and arms
Wednesday - W3D1 35minutes + midday P90X Kenpo
Thursday - W3D2 35mimutes + Zumba + Abripper
Friday - W3D3 35minutes + Insanity

Trying my hand at more arm work this week, I realized no matter how fit my core and my legs get, as Jillian Michaels reminds us, our arms are shown all the time, we don't cover them up (generally speaking) so we should work them!

Anyone else trying to incorporate something new?.

Jul 23, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Sami's Shenanigans
I always loved that word...shenanigans, its something only my mother says. I would say it and my son would look at me cross-eyed wondering where I came up with a word like that.

Trying my hand at a new linkup that is so much fun! I spent quite a bit of time roaming new blogs this morning and seeing how different everyones' weekends planned or ended up being, so why not jump in??

Bear in mind that I'm an old-fuddy-duddy married mamma who doesn't get to do any fun stuff like others, but this is what a typical weekend is for me anyway!

1. You know you are a rockstar when the highlight of your Friday night includes vacuuming at 9:30pm! Doing so lets you get most of the house cleaning done quickly on Saturday to open up the rest of the weekend for fun stuff or at least no more cleaning.

2. Bright and early is still a constant 7day a week kinda thing for me with a 2yr old.  We were up at 6:55 and raring to go for the day.  This includes
for the kiddo and for me?  blindly folding laundry before coffee....its not pretty, but it gets the job done.

3. Quick kids, load up....its already 9am and I need to get some cardio in my day.  Lets go for a brisk quick walk around the block, no worries that its over 92* already with 70% humidity FTW.

4. Lunch was a splurge with family that involved chips and salsa. I won't lie, I chose the location. And it was worth it.

5.  Gramma took the big kid off our hands for the rest of the weekend, which is a treat for both of us.  He gets to be spoiled like a grandkid should be, and I got spoiled with only taking one kid to the grocery store. Go me!/sarcasm

6. Sunday included two batches of fresh homemade bread by the "Evil Hubs," while I did lunch meal prep for the week.

I live dangerously, don't I?  

Jul 20, 2013

Lessons learned

In the first 40 days of this blog, I've picked up a few pointers:

1. Never title a post 'I suck...,' because words like 'suck' obviously attract the creepers in the world to little unknown blogs.  Unknown blogs who have owners that have serious censors at work and creepers sites and IP info is tracked and could potentially be an awkward discussion to be had with a supervisor.

2. That there are numerous other insane people with wakeup calls at ungodly hours for one reason or another.  There is quite the variety of people on Twitter and Instagram between 4-5am.
However, most of the pictures will kick you into high gear if you are following fit images or fitness people.  Waking up at 4:25 to see some chick showing off her guns? Or Skinny Meg who is working it hard in her 1st trimester? Yeah, those images do help motivate me out of the bed.  Once I'm done I can go back and check out all the food pictures! ha.

3. Do NOT purchase retractable earplugs to be used on the treadmill. That or at least don't rely on the treadmill shelf to hold the cell phone.  The retracting mechanism will decide to try and kill you when you least expect it, by either yanking your ears down to your chest to cause you to trip and fall off the treadmill. Or by flinging the cell phone back towards you and crashing onto the moving treadmill to then fly screaming into the wall behind you.  *said cell phone has survived four flying incidents, and the runner has survived one full fall and one attempted fall*

4. The heat inside a closed garage in Austin Texas at 4:45am DOES in fact feel like a sauna.  I do believe I should get a handicap or an adjustment in calories burnt due to this factor.

5. Am I too old to be blogging and chatting it up to myself in public?  At 37yrs old, I feel like the old creepy guy hanging out at the high school to hang with the cool chicks.  The blog circles I've gravitated towards make me feel great in morality and enthusiasm, but old in age.

And finally

6.  Mama Laughlin has taught me that I CAN wear eyeliner again.  That taking care and improving my body doesn't stop at the working out and watching my portions, but also in embracing what I have today and being 100% woman.  I noticed in the last month I've started wearing eyeliner again, lotioning up better, wearing my heels....all sorts of things that I used to do when I was my itty bitty best and confident in my appearance.  I'm not quite back to that, but you know what?  The eyeliner is a great indicator that I'm on my way back.

I'm curious what the next 30 or 60 days teaches me.

Jul 19, 2013

Fit Friday Recap

Monday - c25k w2d1 + P90X Core
Tuesday - c25k w2d2 + Brazilian Butt Lift
Wednesday - c25k w2d2 + new arm routine at home
Thursday - c25k w2d3 + Zumba at home
Friday - c25k w2d3 + Jillian Michael's Step

This week did not go according to plan, but I to say I'm pleased with the variety and consistency by the end of it. I'm struggling with the lower miles this week, but I'm trying to stick with the C25K program, too many people swear by it.

The 'Mom' thing interfered my normal work and workout schedule. Dr appt on Wednesday for little one and then turned too sick to go back to daycare until today. So I was stuck at home with the kiddo and a pantry/fridge to keep me company. This was not good, so I tried my best.
Since I missed my official class on both Wednesday and Thursday I came up with alternatives.

For Wednesday I get to thank Mama Laughlin for her "'How to get Jillian Michaels Arms' workout" to motivate me to borrow Hubs weights and now squirrel them away into my side of the home gym.

Thursday I had both kids and forced them to dance with me to Zumba and forced them outside for a walk.  So much for having a sick day, huh.

How was everyone's week?
Did you meet your weekly goals?

Jul 18, 2013

On The Table: Salmon Cakes

I have to admit that I surprised myself with this one.  I had gotten stuck at home with LittleOne (LO) because of a doctor's appointment midday that is just impossible to work before or after. 

I had thawed out some salmon that I originally planned to grill in aluminum foil with veggies, but our Austin weather went on a drinking binge and got drunk mid-day.  Seriously, it was crazy to see the temperatures  dip into the 70's in July?? Um, we normally are sweating buckets with temperatures over 100*.

Standing outside in the rain trying to grill did not sound good anymore, so I turned to youtube for a new idea.
And for once I will thank the rain for leading me to a new version of salmon cakes or patties, we all enjoyed dinner far more than just a grilled piece of fish.

This is using fresh salmon, most recipes I googled actually used canned salmon (which I've used before) so it took a hodge podge of recipes and videos to come up with my plan.

Salmon Patties/Cakes with Coleslaw
1 lb of salmon fillets
1/4 cup of finely chopped onions
1/4 cup of finely chopped bell pepper (most would use celery here, but I don't like it)
1 egg
10 crushed Ritz-type crackers
1 tsp onion powder
1/2 tsp pepper
1/4 tsp paprika
1 to 1 1/2 tsp creole seasoning (like Tonys)
extra breadcrumbs to add as needed.
3 tbsp flour
3 tbsp corn meal
vegetable oil for pan frying

**Since I was using fresh salmon, I had to poach the fish first.  I placed the fillets in a pie plate and poured approximately 1 inch of milk into the plate. Sprinkled with pepper only. Cover with foil and cook at 350* for about 10 minutes until the fish naturally flakes by a finger press.**

1. In one bowl, combine the flour and cornmeal (this is your outer crumb coat)
2. In a separate bowl, combine the egg and cracker crumbs.
3. Crumble by hand the cooled fish into the egg and cracker mixture.
4. Add in the chopped onions and pepper (or celery) and spices.
5. Mix by hand to incorporate spices thoroughly.
6. Try to form patties, similar to slider sized burgers. If the mixture doesn't stick together, add in breadcrumbs until the patty stays formed.
7. Coat both sides of the patties in the flour/cornmeal mixture
8. Cook in a skillet with 1/2 inch of hot vegetable oil.  A cast iron skillet would be awesome (but I don't have one)
9. About three to four minutes on each side, until golden brown or crispy.

One pound of fish netted seven patties, three full servings and one for the toddler.

I served this with a quick simple homemade coleslaw.

1 cup shredded cabbage
1 small carrot grated finely (cheese grater)
1 tbsp white vinegar
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper.

Combine and let settle in the fridge while meal is prepared.
I make this first before I make the rest of my meals.

And topped with a random avocado I had on hand. The creaminess of avocado next to the crispness of the cake/patty was AWESOME. Like woah, awesome!

The boys ate theirs with homemade tartar sauce, but I spritz a lemon on top and was in heaven!

I struggle with variety in my fish or shrimp dishes, so I was so excited that this got four thumbs up! (two from Hubs and two from the Kid)

Jul 16, 2013

April, why no pictures??

I'm lazy?

No, I'm far from lazy....but I am still getting my bearings with the public aspect of a blog.

It isn't intentional other than the privacy of the kidlets and hubs, but even putting my face out in the blog-osphere is going be anxiety riden at first.

Truthfully, I do a majority of my posts from my phone throughout the day or on my quick lunch breaks.  After my lunch wellness time and cool down.

I know that pictures is what motivates us all and all those blogging gurus encourage pictures for success.  But the true measure of success for me really is about my journey, not the level of success of a blog. 

I'm not picture phobic per se, so you will get rare random glimpses of me or at least parts of me!  Just not the kiddos or hubs. I am far from cute enough to do an outfit of the day thing, and I am a horrible sweaty mess for my workout pictures, and the rest of my day is about work-work or mom-work, so yeah, its what it is.

People can follow along on Instagram where I have re-created a public account for this blog and the random pictures I do post.  (link to the right)

Jul 15, 2013

C25K - Refresh

Like I said this weekend while I was in 'poor pitiful-woe is me' mode,
I decided to teach myself to run the correct way.

In 2006 when I started my weight loss quest it was an odd journey into the "jogging/wogging" category.  I was doing Weight Watchers and simply logging time on the treadmill.  I had worked my way up in distance and was getting bored to tears on the treadmill for upwards of an hour everyday.  So I started egging myself on to hit the 3mile marker faster to get my arss off the treadmill and so something else.  Eventually I got myself up to jogging on the treadmill, but it included the rails quite a bit.  Jillian Michaels would have yelled and called me a pansy, but hey, I was doing it.  I even got brave enough to start doing 5Ks and logged six of them in 2007.  My fastest time supposedly (which now I look back is nearly impossible to be accurate) was a 34:12.  Lets just say I'd kill for that now!

Life threw me curveballs in my journey in 2009 with a serious car accident which pretty much ended my relationship with my treadmill.

I'll go more into the last four years in another post....but for now, here I am at 37yrs old with a total of nine 5ks under my belt in the last six years and today I started my first real training program to be a 'runner.'

Week 2 Day 1: a 31minute cycle resulting in  2.8 miles.
say what?? that's superslow....less than a basic walk of 4.0mpg.  It had to be the 5minute warm up!?  But I was a good little girl and listened the lady in my earbuds telling me walk or run or cool down.

I struggled with the treadmill and the toggling, but found a groove and setting to toggle between a 4.5mpg walk and a 5.5mpg 'run.'  Technical difficulties were abound with my new ear buds, so I may be shopping for another set soon.

Its supposed to be a 3 workout a week routine, but for the sake of my 430 alarm, I may do it the 5days.  Perhaps doing the Week2 workouts for 5 consecutive days rather than the 3?

I guess I will wait and see what my body tells me its ready for.

Jul 13, 2013

I suck

Today sucked.
Today's food choices sucked hard.

Basically, I suck.

I'm sitting here with an almond chai and watching Pitch Perfect while Hubs is out for the evening...to avoid wallowing in the fact that I behaved and ate today like the "Old April."

You know, the "old" habits that led me to be overweight for most of my life.  The total disregard of any actual logical eating, the realization that I'm not hungry as I scarfed down glazed peanuts arbitrarily?

Or the freshly baked coconut chocolate chips Hubs baked? I have referred to him as evil before haven't I?  Darn lucky male metabolism. He may be in his late 30's *cough* (just slightly younger than me) but he still gets to eat like a 15yr old boy.

In good news, I did meet my 15mile goal on Friday.  I barely dd it, it was a fast walk, not a run or even a wog....a flat out walk.

So while I met my goal for distance, I am no better than I was two weeks ago in endurance in a true "run." So on Monday, which happens to be Week 5, I'm going to take a step back and try to train myself to run correctly with a Couch to 5K treadmill program. I still have to work in some strength work, possibly in my extra ten minutes since the C25K plan is only 30minutes.

Now I will go to bed to try and forget the last 18hours of gluttony and complete reversal of all the hard work I've done for the last 30days.

Jul 11, 2013

A girl can dream....

Holly and Kristy

Okay you know a  linky is going to be fun when you open BlogLovin and the first eight posts all doing the same link up! Either my blog collection isn't that diverse or its a really fun and entertaining link up, and its the latter!

What if I won the lottery? 
Duh! What smart woman (or man) hasn't dreamt up the scenario?

I shall never have to drive myself anywhere again. Have you heard about the traffic in Austin? Seriously...it's a panic attack away just to run to HEB for some eggs.
I shall move to a gorgeous home on acreage away from noisy neighbors. Likely not in Austin, because   even if I was a millionaire I'd still be a realist that I could have a BIGGER house and MORE space anywhere     else in Texas.

I shall have someone clean said house.  I plan to fill my days with exercise, swimming in my private pool that some cabana boy will care for, and messing up the kitchen or craft area with recreational cooking, baking, or crafting. I've got over a thousand pins to get to.

I shall never ever ever have to shop again. The hired  "personal dresser/shopper" will handle te madness of trying to make me presentable.  Said shopper will make sure the makeup and hair people show up on the days I have to venture into the city for one thing or another.

The kids trust funds and college accounts shall be fulfilled and provided for as dictated in the collegiate-parent agreement on file.

But nope, haven't thought about it before whatsoever.

Dont jinx me

I don't want to get ahead of myself but if all goes as planned between today and tomorrow, I will have set a new record for myself.  A record I never really set or had an idea of, but it’s a reasonable idea now that I’ve gotten the ‘itch.’

As of this morning's (much slower) 430 walk, not a run by any stretch of the imagination....I hit 12miles for the week.  That means if I push and have a solid morning tomorrow of at least 3miles, I will hit 15miles in five days. Holla!!  

I must admit though, my calves are rocks and feel like someone shoved 5lb weights inside them.  They are tight and sore!  I went to bed with two Aleves and a warm bath last night, but I still feel it today.  So it’s a semi-rest day for me.  I didn’t run or jog this morning, I pumped up the incline to a 3 and hit 2.6 miles in 40minutes when I ran out of time.  It was a steady walk and I felt it, but not at all like when I try to jog or actually run.  My class today is Zumba, which doesn’t give me much of a sweat anymore, so it’s a good ‘rest’ day activity for some fun.

My primary and only goal  for now was to get my arss out of bed at 430 and to be on the treadmill by 440 at the latest.  I’m nearing the end of five weeks of fulfilling that goal.

Seriously, I am kinda geeked out about the idea of actually jogging/running pretty much a 5K every day?? In addition to my 45minute cardio or strength classes everyday? 

Yeah, that’s worthy of a holla!

If I had any IRL friends,  they could toot the horn for me, but for now I have to pat my own back.

Jul 9, 2013

Jello "infused" 90 Calorie Cupcakes

I saw this last week in my blog exploration in BlogLovin.  I was just getting my bearings straight and cleaning up all the old blogs and subscriptions I had hidden over the years on my reader that popped back on when it synced over.

Crafty Healthy Mommy found it on Pinterest I think, hmmm isn't that were everything should be sourced back to at this point?  But I've shared the direct link to her blog and commentary about her version of strawberry cupcakes.

Since LittleOne can't have strawberries, we opted for another summer choice with an old cake trick of using jello flavors.

90 Calorie Cupcakes inspired by Crafty Healthy Mommy

It truly is the simplest thing I've found in a long time.  While I use a homemade white cake mix most everyone can use it easy peasy!! 
  • 1 box white cake mix
  • 12oz diet sprite/7up/Slice
  • 1/2 box of sugar free jello (we used lime) *this is my tweak
Mix half of the jello flavoring into the dry cake mix, then add in the 12oz of lemon-lime soda.
Make into cupcakes, mini or regular sized whichever works for you.

The original version has a fat free cool whip mock frosting, but we liked ours without.

Seriously these were yummy and so light!! Not heavy at all.
Next time I'm thinking orange soda!!!


Tuesday Truths: July 9

I have to admit that I’m a pretty kickbutt mama. 

If I were my son, I would think I’m the coolest mom in the world!


Because I’m a geek.

Thanks to my dad not having any boys of his own and instilling his geekery onto me, I can be a rockstar mom to a boy.  I was the one who sat with him to watch Star Trek, the one who would wait in line at the movies for premiere nights of Star Trek.  I'm the one who would play board games with dad that involved dice with 20 sides to them.

I get to be the GEEK in this house, the Trekkie, the Superheroes, the science geek stuff….the whole spiel.
I’m the one who can answer the never ending questions regarding space-time continuum and why or how a certain Xmen turned or whatnot.

Favorite captain: Picard!! I love old school Kirk, but Picard was a class above and still is.

Favorite Xman: Wolverine of course!! (and especially now with Hugh Jackman!)

DC or Marvel:  This is a hard one!! I mean its classic Superman and Justice League versus The Avengers (which currently equates to Henry Cavill/Christian Bale versus Chris Hemsworth/Robert Downey Jr.)
**We can discuss this subject of hot men, superheroes several times if anyone wishes! ha!) 

And yes, yes I’m the one who owns the Tribble in the house.
Don't touch.

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