Jul 16, 2013

April, why no pictures??

I'm lazy?

No, I'm far from lazy....but I am still getting my bearings with the public aspect of a blog.

It isn't intentional other than the privacy of the kidlets and hubs, but even putting my face out in the blog-osphere is going be anxiety riden at first.

Truthfully, I do a majority of my posts from my phone throughout the day or on my quick lunch breaks.  After my lunch wellness time and cool down.

I know that pictures is what motivates us all and all those blogging gurus encourage pictures for success.  But the true measure of success for me really is about my journey, not the level of success of a blog. 

I'm not picture phobic per se, so you will get rare random glimpses of me or at least parts of me!  Just not the kiddos or hubs. I am far from cute enough to do an outfit of the day thing, and I am a horrible sweaty mess for my workout pictures, and the rest of my day is about work-work or mom-work, so yeah, its what it is.

People can follow along on Instagram where I have re-created a public account for this blog and the random pictures I do post.  (link to the right)

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