Jul 11, 2013

Dont jinx me

I don't want to get ahead of myself but if all goes as planned between today and tomorrow, I will have set a new record for myself.  A record I never really set or had an idea of, but it’s a reasonable idea now that I’ve gotten the ‘itch.’

As of this morning's (much slower) 430 walk, not a run by any stretch of the imagination....I hit 12miles for the week.  That means if I push and have a solid morning tomorrow of at least 3miles, I will hit 15miles in five days. Holla!!  

I must admit though, my calves are rocks and feel like someone shoved 5lb weights inside them.  They are tight and sore!  I went to bed with two Aleves and a warm bath last night, but I still feel it today.  So it’s a semi-rest day for me.  I didn’t run or jog this morning, I pumped up the incline to a 3 and hit 2.6 miles in 40minutes when I ran out of time.  It was a steady walk and I felt it, but not at all like when I try to jog or actually run.  My class today is Zumba, which doesn’t give me much of a sweat anymore, so it’s a good ‘rest’ day activity for some fun.

My primary and only goal  for now was to get my arss out of bed at 430 and to be on the treadmill by 440 at the latest.  I’m nearing the end of five weeks of fulfilling that goal.

Seriously, I am kinda geeked out about the idea of actually jogging/running pretty much a 5K every day?? In addition to my 45minute cardio or strength classes everyday? 

Yeah, that’s worthy of a holla!

If I had any IRL friends,  they could toot the horn for me, but for now I have to pat my own back.

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