Jul 19, 2013

Fit Friday Recap

Monday - c25k w2d1 + P90X Core
Tuesday - c25k w2d2 + Brazilian Butt Lift
Wednesday - c25k w2d2 + new arm routine at home
Thursday - c25k w2d3 + Zumba at home
Friday - c25k w2d3 + Jillian Michael's Step

This week did not go according to plan, but I to say I'm pleased with the variety and consistency by the end of it. I'm struggling with the lower miles this week, but I'm trying to stick with the C25K program, too many people swear by it.

The 'Mom' thing interfered my normal work and workout schedule. Dr appt on Wednesday for little one and then turned too sick to go back to daycare until today. So I was stuck at home with the kiddo and a pantry/fridge to keep me company. This was not good, so I tried my best.
Since I missed my official class on both Wednesday and Thursday I came up with alternatives.

For Wednesday I get to thank Mama Laughlin for her "'How to get Jillian Michaels Arms' workout" to motivate me to borrow Hubs weights and now squirrel them away into my side of the home gym.

Thursday I had both kids and forced them to dance with me to Zumba and forced them outside for a walk.  So much for having a sick day, huh.

How was everyone's week?
Did you meet your weekly goals?

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