Jul 13, 2013

I suck

Today sucked.
Today's food choices sucked hard.

Basically, I suck.

I'm sitting here with an almond chai and watching Pitch Perfect while Hubs is out for the evening...to avoid wallowing in the fact that I behaved and ate today like the "Old April."

You know, the "old" habits that led me to be overweight for most of my life.  The total disregard of any actual logical eating, the realization that I'm not hungry as I scarfed down glazed peanuts arbitrarily?

Or the freshly baked coconut chocolate chips Hubs baked? I have referred to him as evil before haven't I?  Darn lucky male metabolism. He may be in his late 30's *cough* (just slightly younger than me) but he still gets to eat like a 15yr old boy.

In good news, I did meet my 15mile goal on Friday.  I barely dd it, it was a fast walk, not a run or even a wog....a flat out walk.

So while I met my goal for distance, I am no better than I was two weeks ago in endurance in a true "run." So on Monday, which happens to be Week 5, I'm going to take a step back and try to train myself to run correctly with a Couch to 5K treadmill program. I still have to work in some strength work, possibly in my extra ten minutes since the C25K plan is only 30minutes.

Now I will go to bed to try and forget the last 18hours of gluttony and complete reversal of all the hard work I've done for the last 30days.


  1. Gosh if I were to write a post, it would say the exact same thing as this one. Interesting C25k for the treadmill. Is there an app? Will you start from week 1 day 1? I want to be a faster runner. All I have read says speed will come in time..... But I don't know.

    1. Nicole, I found the treadmill details on that website, but no app :)
      I started using the standard c25k app (Zen Labs) this morning and toggled between 4.5mpg walking and then a one button jump to 5.5mpg for the run portions.
      I started with Week2 since I know that I do have some running. Week2 was a 90second run with 2minutes of walking intervals. Great place to start!


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