Jul 5, 2013

I'm human.

There, I confessed....happy?

I'm just saying, after realizing how bad I ate and acted yesterday. Blah.  It being a holiday isn't as good of an excuse as the truth.

The truth? I made yesterday about my kids. Horrible, aren't I?

Sure it was an extra off, which normally is me doing extra cleaning or baking something I would regret, but I broke my own mold for once. And it was worth it, even if I ate carbs and didn't drink much more than 48oz of water. Okay I may have drank more diet coke than water....but my point is that I awoke this morning a little off schedule, but with some happy kids. Free dinner of turkey subs?
I should get a gold star for turning down the lemon yogurt cupcake.

Between the pool, my new sunburn, and the surprise evening out for 4th celebrations and fireworks, I had some exhausted kids this morning that kept chatting away how much fun they had.

So what's a mom on a fitness quest supposed to do?
Take the kiddos to daycare as if I had to work too (sssh don't tell them I was off) and notice that its a very cool 74degrees at 7am in Austin Texas.  So rather than use my sauna treadmill I actually got to try my hand at an outdoor run.

My longest in over four years!

I wogged (walk/jog) for a total 4.24miles. 

So my sidetrack of yesterday to enjoy life and make memories ultimately gave me a reward.

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