Jul 9, 2013

Jello "infused" 90 Calorie Cupcakes

I saw this last week in my blog exploration in BlogLovin.  I was just getting my bearings straight and cleaning up all the old blogs and subscriptions I had hidden over the years on my reader that popped back on when it synced over.

Crafty Healthy Mommy found it on Pinterest I think, hmmm isn't that were everything should be sourced back to at this point?  But I've shared the direct link to her blog and commentary about her version of strawberry cupcakes.

Since LittleOne can't have strawberries, we opted for another summer choice with an old cake trick of using jello flavors.

90 Calorie Cupcakes inspired by Crafty Healthy Mommy

It truly is the simplest thing I've found in a long time.  While I use a homemade white cake mix most everyone can use it easy peasy!! 
  • 1 box white cake mix
  • 12oz diet sprite/7up/Slice
  • 1/2 box of sugar free jello (we used lime) *this is my tweak
Mix half of the jello flavoring into the dry cake mix, then add in the 12oz of lemon-lime soda.
Make into cupcakes, mini or regular sized whichever works for you.

The original version has a fat free cool whip mock frosting, but we liked ours without.

Seriously these were yummy and so light!! Not heavy at all.
Next time I'm thinking orange soda!!!


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