Jul 20, 2013

Lessons learned

In the first 40 days of this blog, I've picked up a few pointers:

1. Never title a post 'I suck...,' because words like 'suck' obviously attract the creepers in the world to little unknown blogs.  Unknown blogs who have owners that have serious censors at work and creepers sites and IP info is tracked and could potentially be an awkward discussion to be had with a supervisor.

2. That there are numerous other insane people with wakeup calls at ungodly hours for one reason or another.  There is quite the variety of people on Twitter and Instagram between 4-5am.
However, most of the pictures will kick you into high gear if you are following fit images or fitness people.  Waking up at 4:25 to see some chick showing off her guns? Or Skinny Meg who is working it hard in her 1st trimester? Yeah, those images do help motivate me out of the bed.  Once I'm done I can go back and check out all the food pictures! ha.

3. Do NOT purchase retractable earplugs to be used on the treadmill. That or at least don't rely on the treadmill shelf to hold the cell phone.  The retracting mechanism will decide to try and kill you when you least expect it, by either yanking your ears down to your chest to cause you to trip and fall off the treadmill. Or by flinging the cell phone back towards you and crashing onto the moving treadmill to then fly screaming into the wall behind you.  *said cell phone has survived four flying incidents, and the runner has survived one full fall and one attempted fall*

4. The heat inside a closed garage in Austin Texas at 4:45am DOES in fact feel like a sauna.  I do believe I should get a handicap or an adjustment in calories burnt due to this factor.

5. Am I too old to be blogging and chatting it up to myself in public?  At 37yrs old, I feel like the old creepy guy hanging out at the high school to hang with the cool chicks.  The blog circles I've gravitated towards make me feel great in morality and enthusiasm, but old in age.

And finally

6.  Mama Laughlin has taught me that I CAN wear eyeliner again.  That taking care and improving my body doesn't stop at the working out and watching my portions, but also in embracing what I have today and being 100% woman.  I noticed in the last month I've started wearing eyeliner again, lotioning up better, wearing my heels....all sorts of things that I used to do when I was my itty bitty best and confident in my appearance.  I'm not quite back to that, but you know what?  The eyeliner is a great indicator that I'm on my way back.

I'm curious what the next 30 or 60 days teaches me.

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