Jul 7, 2013

Sabataged by my 'buddy'

So here’s the deal….

I finally worked my way up to 3.5miles for my “430” this past week, but I have to confess why I have crappy time for my mileage (or lack of.)

I have to blame my workout ‘buddy’…it is all his fault.
He can’t help it, but I am going to put the blame on him for this.
My workout ‘buddy’ has been distracting me to the point that I’m just strolling along between 4.20-5.4mph.
He’s hot as hell, funny, sarcastic, from Texas..oh did I mention hot as hell?
I mean he’s awesome, but he’s not letting me focus on ME.

Kinda selfish of him, isn't it?

I’m promising myself that Week5 will be more focused and without my workout buddy of Jensen Ackles.

No more Netflix episodes of Supernatural to keep me company at 430.

(dangit…I’m going to miss waking up with Jensen)

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