Jul 8, 2013

Sluggish Monday

Happy Monday? Or sluggish Monday?

I’m going to admit it is a rather sluggish jumping back into the mix of my routine. I mean technically I haven’t done my 430 since last Wednesday. Thursday was off and Friday I didn’t start my run until 710.

So I’m justified in my third cup of coffee this morning right?
Because I DID get up and get back into the grind of 430s and logged in 3.26 miles all before anyone was stirring in the house.

This week I have a heavy load planned, but I’m optimistic that I will do it!

Monday – 430 + Brazillian ButtLift
Tuesday – 430 + Insanity
Wednesday – 430 + P90X Yoga (now changed to a new Jillian Michaels!)
Thursday – 430 + Zumba and AbRipper
Friday – 430 + misc.

In Mom news: 
Friday is technically supposed to be P90X Plyo, but I will be playing ‘mom’ and spending the day with the birthday boy and surprising him with his trip to Main Event.  As of right now, I’m trying to make arrangements with a friend to surprise him with a buddy to come with us.  Yes, it’s a repeat of last year, but he actually was asking about and talking about how much a blast he had last year.  So this year we will hit a different location because they have different features!

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