Jul 2, 2013

Tuesday Truth: July 2

In my effort to share more and to try some recurring type of posts, let's see if making myself have a place for little confessions of sorts.
Tuesday Truths

As organized as I try to be, I am still a procrastinator or slacker as I call myself.  My son's 9th birthday is next Friday and I have not planned a single thing.
This time last year I had already figured out the sneaky kidnapping and surprise when we drove up to Main Event which was an hour away.
This year I have a coupon for a repeat of that, but not overly original huh? I was researching the Gaylord Texan summer fest but a three hour drive for one night isn't too appealing with a potty training two year old. 

All I have right now is a day scheduled off work. 

And some serious mama guilt. 

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