Jul 9, 2013

Tuesday Truths: July 9

I have to admit that I’m a pretty kickbutt mama. 

If I were my son, I would think I’m the coolest mom in the world!


Because I’m a geek.

Thanks to my dad not having any boys of his own and instilling his geekery onto me, I can be a rockstar mom to a boy.  I was the one who sat with him to watch Star Trek, the one who would wait in line at the movies for premiere nights of Star Trek.  I'm the one who would play board games with dad that involved dice with 20 sides to them.

I get to be the GEEK in this house, the Trekkie, the Superheroes, the science geek stuff….the whole spiel.
I’m the one who can answer the never ending questions regarding space-time continuum and why or how a certain Xmen turned or whatnot.

Favorite captain: Picard!! I love old school Kirk, but Picard was a class above and still is.

Favorite Xman: Wolverine of course!! (and especially now with Hugh Jackman!)

DC or Marvel:  This is a hard one!! I mean its classic Superman and Justice League versus The Avengers (which currently equates to Henry Cavill/Christian Bale versus Chris Hemsworth/Robert Downey Jr.)
**We can discuss this subject of hot men, superheroes several times if anyone wishes! ha!) 

And yes, yes I’m the one who owns the Tribble in the house.
Don't touch.

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