Jul 3, 2013

Tuesday was a BFF


I guess it could have been worse, but not by much.

I got in my 430 (go me!) but my lunch meal and workout got deterred.  I was being a good friend and joined a friend who needed to be ‘out of the building’ to vent.  So for her I skipped my Jillian Michaels’ class and headed to Taco Cabana. Yes, temptation central with queso and chips again, but I did the right thing.

I ordered what should have been a basic taco salad type thing (cabana bowl), no shell, salad mix with ground beef and black beans, no cheese or sour cream. As healthy as I was going to get at a fast food Mexican place, right?

Well it was a flop! I’ve had it numerous times, but for some reason yesterday I had a bowl of bean soup with shredded lettuce inside it.  I managed to get an extra bowl of salad to fill it, but the damage was done. I fished out the ground beef and walked away.

I skipped my workout.
And had a crappy lunch.

So then I was STARVING all afternoon….you know what that leads to right? Scavaging through your desk for a reasonable snack only to find gum or mints.  I tried to just hit my peanut butter twice, but it didn’t satisfy the need for real food.

Blah, so my evening was shot when I raced home and scarfed down a cheese stick and a handful of nuts before doing the chauffeur thing to karate.  At karate? Ha, LittleOne sitting in my lap with a baggie of apple jacks….eerr. Resisted, but it wasn’t fun.

I survived, but felt amiss with my lack of lunchtime workout
And that’s a good thing, right?

It did prod me into stepping out more publicly for some accountability, I got out and commented on some of my favorite blogs, switched my Instagram to a public setting to join in some picture love.  

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