Jul 23, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Sami's Shenanigans
I always loved that word...shenanigans, its something only my mother says. I would say it and my son would look at me cross-eyed wondering where I came up with a word like that.

Trying my hand at a new linkup that is so much fun! I spent quite a bit of time roaming new blogs this morning and seeing how different everyones' weekends planned or ended up being, so why not jump in??

Bear in mind that I'm an old-fuddy-duddy married mamma who doesn't get to do any fun stuff like others, but this is what a typical weekend is for me anyway!

1. You know you are a rockstar when the highlight of your Friday night includes vacuuming at 9:30pm! Doing so lets you get most of the house cleaning done quickly on Saturday to open up the rest of the weekend for fun stuff or at least no more cleaning.

2. Bright and early is still a constant 7day a week kinda thing for me with a 2yr old.  We were up at 6:55 and raring to go for the day.  This includes
for the kiddo and for me?  blindly folding laundry before coffee....its not pretty, but it gets the job done.

3. Quick kids, load up....its already 9am and I need to get some cardio in my day.  Lets go for a brisk quick walk around the block, no worries that its over 92* already with 70% humidity FTW.

4. Lunch was a splurge with family that involved chips and salsa. I won't lie, I chose the location. And it was worth it.

5.  Gramma took the big kid off our hands for the rest of the weekend, which is a treat for both of us.  He gets to be spoiled like a grandkid should be, and I got spoiled with only taking one kid to the grocery store. Go me!/sarcasm

6. Sunday included two batches of fresh homemade bread by the "Evil Hubs," while I did lunch meal prep for the week.

I live dangerously, don't I?  

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