Jul 1, 2013

Weekends = Family

Last week was a big cluster with the sick kiddo, a day off my routine, groceries not planned, menu was day to day. I was not in control much.
Except that I stuck to it and  now getting the itch to even bump it up another notch and sneak a workout in the weekend.

But I won't.
Weekends are my family focused time.
 My time to work on memories with the kidlets.

This past weekend involved a failed slip-n-slide, a quest to find a fun summer nail polish and a trip to the local pet store for LittleOne to check on her "friends." We can't have any pets ourselves because of asthma issues and my OCD issues. Face it, pets are work (and messy!)

Fitness isn't a priority during the weekend, so I'm easily surprised when my phone pedometer (Noom Walk App) surprises me that I hit a certain number from just everyday mom stuff.  Without the extra calories burned and strict carb counting like I do during the week, things tend to get a little loose on the weekends.

For example? Here's a few of our meals this weekend for the family:
Friday dinner - Turkey sloppy joes and smashed potatoes
Saturday lunch - My semi-famous tuna pasta salad
Saturday dinner - Grilled salmon (foil pack on the grill), grilled zucchini and green salad.
Sunday breakfast - breakfast tacos
Sunday dinner - Asparagus and mushroom shrimp scampi

I don't get to eat the full meal that is prepped, I avoid the excessive carbs and starches.
My sloppy joe? is a scoop of meat with extra chopped onions and a sprinkle of cheese.
My tuna pasta salad? Just the tuna fixings w/o the pasta in my bowl
My breakfast taco? splurge with a corn tortilla while the fam gets the white flour yummy verions.

Did you notice we didn't have a Sunday lunch?
Well that would be because of Hubs.  He is either an oblivious to my journey here, or he is intentionally putting obstacles in my path.  On lazy weekend days we both have a very bad habit of gravitating to the kitchen to experiment.  I have changed focus and will prep lunches or do a freezer batch of something, but him?? Mr Eat-Anything-and-Not-Gain?? Yep, he made homemade cinnamon rolls.

He's out to get me isn't he?

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