Jul 24, 2013

Workout Wednesday #1

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Okay, jumping onto the bandwagon that is SkinnyMeg and friends to share the weeks workouts thus far and what's on tap for the rest of the week.

Welcome to any visitors!!

So this is MY Week2 on the C25K plan, which is good and bad.  I have to admit that my mileage is way way down from when I was naturally just jogging/wogging with no training whatsoever, but I'm forcing myself to stick with the guidelines. 
(I really need to add "wogging" into my accepted words! I don't 'wag,' but 'wog!' We all know the phrase right? More than a walk but not quite a jog? Or intervals?)

Monday - W2d3 35minutes and midday session was P90X Cardio + Mama Laughlin's arm routine
Tuesday - inclines! 2.85 miles on 4.5 incline + midday P90X Chest and arms
Wednesday - W3D1 35minutes + midday P90X Kenpo
Thursday - W3D2 35mimutes + Zumba + Abripper
Friday - W3D3 35minutes + Insanity

Trying my hand at more arm work this week, I realized no matter how fit my core and my legs get, as Jillian Michaels reminds us, our arms are shown all the time, we don't cover them up (generally speaking) so we should work them!

Anyone else trying to incorporate something new?.

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