Jul 31, 2013

Workout Wednesday #2

**She has a fantabulous giveaway today as well as the linkup!! I have to go back and enter later when I have access (work censors and all...but also who wants to be first?ha!)

Heading into this week I felt intimidated, don't know exactly why....just like my body wasn't into it.
I admit that last week I completed my workouts and hit all my goals, but my heart and mind were not in the "game." Like I was going through the motions.

So far this week its better mentally but my body is adjusting to a new med and wants me to sleep more. It has caused me to update my workout alarms to 4:25am and 4:30am so if I snooze even both of them I will be annoyed every five minutes instead of ten minute snoozes. That sounds so sad, that my alarm logic is based on snooze duration time?

My Week7 and third week of C25K:
Monday - W3D3 + P90X Yoga + ML Jillian Arms
Tuesday - W4D1 + P90X Legs (minus back) + AbRipper
Wednesday - W4D2 + Insanity Abs
Thursday - W4D2 + Mini Zumba + ML Jillian Arms
Friday - W4D3 + P90X Plyo 

I have to admit we tried a new Insanity Cardio Max last Friday and I struggled! I've been doing P90X off and on for a year and this video kicked my ar$$!
 I didn't get the soreness until Sunday, but I have know found out I have outer glutes. As in the outer hip or what I call my "wide angle" pieces. Seriously if I didn't have that extra wedge of butt, I could get into smaller clothes.

Anyone else transition from P90X to Insanity? I've been tempted to try to do a 30day shred challenge but I don't have time to do that in addition to C25K. It truly isn't intended for daily runs, so it may work to coordinate the two?

#Mindless outloud rambling....

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