Aug 6, 2013

A little wish list

While I'm still getting my routine and determination down pat I'm also getting over eager and realize I NEED things!! (and I'm very good about a need versus want, and these are needs darnit!)

I think they say it takes like 42days or so to create or break a habit so its still a bit early to say this has stuck. But I am optimistic that my time for ME is not going anywhere.

So while I am over the 45 day mark, with this hiccup of house-selling and possible move, I will hold off until I am more confident in the long-term status of my quest.  For now? I get to list out a few of the drool worthy things I'm wishing for.

for now I will call this my 'this would be easier if I had these things' list:

1. Arm band for my phone. I typically run on the treadmill so my phone sets ontop of the book rack. But when I'm outdoor walking or running I end up having to carry it in my hand.  It gets sweaty in my waistband of my pants, so where else can it go?? So yes, I need an arm band for my Motorola RAZR M. (*any suggestions are appreciated!)

2. Along with the arm band, I need ear phones for my phone. I have itty bitty ears and most fall out while I'm walking, let alone running. So I'm on the hunt! Oh and lets see if I can get a bright neon color of sorts so I can actually find them, but not cutesy (since I often end up with kiddy type for the itty bitty earbuds) because the 2yr old tends to think everything is for her.

3. At least two Brady Bands to tame my frizz. I haven't cut bangs in twenty years, but my hair just naturally has bang like hair that falls out of my pony, or I resort to four to 317 bobby pins that just look foolish.

4. In a dream world, I'd actually get a Polar HeartRate Monitor F4
Are there any other goodies or wish-list items I should add??

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