Aug 2, 2013

Cha cha changes.....

Here it is Friday on the eve of a weekend I did not expect at all.
And it could (what am I saying, it WILL) affect my workout routine I've set out for I have mixed emotions with this change.

Maybe it is part guilt....
Yesterday was only the second time in seven weeks that I missed my workout. Don't  know if it is anxiety with what's going on (below) or what, but I didn't get to sleep until close to 2am. Stupid stomach issues.
So I turned off the 4:25 and 4:30 alarms to get some sleep.
I awoke, but was pissed at myself for skipping. I did make it to my mini-Zumba (30min) but it wasn't enough to count as a workout.

This morning was another mental block, I dragged my arss out to the garage only to find my treadmil covered in boxes. Someone is going to suffer for not warning me (Hubs! you've been warned!) So instead it was an arms morning and I did some solid circuits for arm/back/shoulder work.

Those boxes? Yep, part of the changes going on.

It seems that we have a simple two day weekend to prep and stage my house for pictures on Monday. What?!?! Why???.

I can barely say it outloud because it still feels so spontaneous, but we are putting our house on the market to finally move. Eek.

Insert my fainting picture here, because it feels so sudden, but the reality is we've discussed it for two years, and keep waiting for a better time and such....and here we are two years later and whining and complaining about where we are and what schools our kids are destined for currently.

Somehow I'm going to maintain a show worthy house with a two year old? Sigh.  I'm good, but I don't know if I'm that good AND going to be able to keep up with my workout routines.  I'm pretty confident that my gym corner of the garage is going to be hidden by boxes by Sunday.

The other catch? We are staging the guest room as an office to show bigger....and we'll the guest bed is where I crash most nights to avoid waking up Hubs with my workout alarms.
I haven't figured out my schedule yet for next early hours maybe spent washing dishes and resetting the house for possible showings or so, right??

In preparation for this 'snag in the plan,' I took measurements this morning (also for the start of August) and will try to focus on good food choices and putting in 110% in my midday workouts. 

Constantly cleaning and picking up the house counts as exercise, right?

Oh and if anyone ever visits or stalked before this week and now, 
may have noticed the other change!
My blog look! It's nothing fancy or overwhelming but it feels more like me.
Special thanks to my uber sweet friend,

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