Aug 9, 2013

Fit Friday Recap: FAIL

I hate using that word overzealously....but I think my blog can show that its been a rough week. I haven't tweeted or posted much because frankly there wasn't much to brag  err... chat about.

My post last Friday hinted as a small hiccup in this journey, and this week it did come to fruition...I hate being right.  I'm moving forward though and next week I demand to be back in control.

In a frantic 48hours last weekend I prepared, packed, scrubbed, dusted, name it, I did it! The house was able to be suddenly listed late Monday evening ~whew~ No deliberate exercise planned other than the manual labor, which if I were still logging MFP I'd find a way to get credit for all that work because we kicked butt!

Monday I enjoyed my morning without the 430alarm as a treat after working hard all weekend, and to prepare for an exciting day of jury duty!! yippee!! Oh yes, exciting is the word, I mean how often do we get to sit around and listen to attorneys ask random strangers pretty in depth and personal questions?  Somehow in this county level court, I spent my day through two different voir dires.

"Voir dire consists of oral questions asked of prospective jurors by the judge, the parties, or the attorneys, or some combination thereof. This oral questioning, often supplemented by a prior written questionnaire, is used to determine whether a potential juror is biased, knows any of the parties, counsel, or witnesses, or should otherwise be excluded from jury duty. Voir dire is a tool used to achieve the constitutional right to an impartial jury, but it is not a constitutional right in itself." legal dictionary

I was not released until 4:20pm with a 'thank you, see you next time' pat on the back and the promise of a six dollar check in the mail shortly.

Tuesday did bring me back to my routine with an early wakeup for some arm and weight work and a midday class of Brazillian ButtLift Sculpt (awesome workout btw) and I was on my way back to feeling it.  But my week turned south again when I awoke on Wednesday morning with a pinched nerve in my neck or shoulder.

Whatever the injury is, it hurts like heck....reminds me of when it was dislocated. It is the same shoulder?  

Since Wednesday it has been round of Aleve or Motrin and heating pads and massages to try and work it out.  I'm giving myself this weekend to settle down, but next week this is back on like Donkey Kong.

My plan is to jump back to Week3Day1 on Monday to warm my knee back up, then try to resume Week4. 

But more difficult in jumping back in at Week4 is getting back onto my 430am alarm. I've missed it, and I don't like how sleepy I've become this week. I'm sleeping more than usual and more tired than before?? Seems opposite of what we'd expect, but its very obvious to me.  I'm sleeping more and working out less (like only 25% compared to my prior levels) yet am more tired? and more annoyed in the evenings?

Just reaffirms why this journey is not only good physically,
 but mentally and emotionally to be a better woman and mother.


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