Aug 16, 2013

Fit Friday Recap

I've admitted twice now that I'm just getting back into the game/journey/quest/whatever we want to call this phase of life I'm in.  With that, here's the run down of my week fitness wise:

Monday - sleep, try not to faint at work (anemia issues)
Tuesday - sleep in, Jillian Michaels video 
Wednesday - 4:30am treadmill time 3miles + Insanity 
Thursday - 4:30am treadmill time 2.8miles + Mini Zumba + Arms
Friday - 4:30am treadmill time 2.5miles + Cardio BootCamp

So my total mileage is bunk of less than 10miles for the week. Granted it was only three days, right?  I didn't jump right back into the C25K program this week since I was out for a while and honestly, that first day back on Wednesday? SORE!! My quads were freakishly sore, it surprised me how sore I was. Its not like I didn't workout at all, I was still doing my mid-day classes until last Thursday. I just hadn't run or jogged for the 14days, not laid down and vegged. Crazy sore.  But I pushed through the soreness yesterday and feel great today, so maybe it was just shock reaction. ha!

Next week I'm hoping to resume my C25K with Week3.  So far so good with Hubs tolerating the uber-early alarm that allows me do my treadmill time.  I swear, just these three days back and I'm feeling insanely better and in a better more tolerant mood.

Rather nervous about this weekend's plans....only two things are on the agenda though.

1. An open house for a couple hours tomorrow. Not too nervous about that, I honestly don't think anything will come of it, just the cleaning up tonight and tomorrow for it.

2. and more important is my hair appointment.  I am finally chopping off my hair, I've avoided it long enough and tried to learn to love the long locks, but I haven't figured out how to make it smooth down and look nice anymore.  I have to wear it in a bun to workout because the pony tail was still too long.  So today will be fun checking out pictures for ideas!

(and yes, I know this post is completely useless without pictures....I will try for a before/after picture, but I know I'm awful about false promises.)  No matter what I do, it basically ends up like this anyway:
Not a bad thing, but no matter what, ends up just uneven straightish-wavy hair.

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