Aug 24, 2013

My story....all 60lbs of it.

I am sitting here on a Saturday night with Dr Who on Netflix and three cookbooks, Pinterest and now blogger open. I'm a hard core party girl, huh?

The shortest recap possible of the last six years:
July 2004 - first pregnancy that included preeclampsia and hypertension, emergency csection ultimately took six months of my life to recover from. I had a severe wound infection and a now diagnosed healing condition. Which brought me to February 2005 as the first opportunity to do anything about my weight.  I had always been a heavier girl, but the pregnancy and issues left me at 28yrs old and maintaining a weight at 192lbs.

August 2005 - I secretly joined Weight Watchers behind my husbands back. Thanks to my mom who would pick up Kiddo while I "worked late."
Between August and February 2006 I lost a whopping 16lbs. Oh yeah, bust out the party decorations and congrats posters! Sigh. So I stopped paying my $9 a week and I took a break.
I went on my way and tried to eat reasonable with what I did learn but not really.

But then something clicked. I call it my "lightbulb moment." There was just one day where I said it and believed that I needed to do something.
So October 2006 is what I consider my start, my true 178.
In the next nine months I followed WW strictly and simply walked on the treadmill eventually worked my way up to a jog, while I lost 60lbs and got down to a sickly 132 (from my 192 high.)

I maintained and continued to jog and exercise....a healthier weight between 140 and 145 until I was in a car accident January 2009. Almost two full years of being at my best and loving it. Six months of physical therapy that included a broken tailbone does not make a happy walker or runner!
But despite not working out I maintained at 150.

2010 and 2011 brought another physically demanding pregnancy. No hypertension or dire emergencies but SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction ) that was worsened due to my tailbone. Healing complications yet again but I was ecstatic at 30days post partum to be back down to 158 naturally.

Through nursing and walking at work I managed to stay in the 150s. But for 2012 even while nursing I started doing p90x three times a week and I had to go gluten free or low carb in respect for my daughter. I got down to 145 and was feeling amazing. But more medical issues for me and I snuck back into 150s.

So for all of 2013 I have struggled with a goal simply five to seven pounds just out of reach. I know I can do it, I've done it before!? So why am I now up to running 12-15miles a week AND pushing through 45minute classes five days a week, but cannot lose any weight? Why is the scale today now showing even a higher number?

I'm conflicted about it, and wonder if my stomach will handle the adjustment...but I think I need to go back to basics of WW because my food is the only other thing that is not at 100% like my activity?

I am going through this change on My Fitness Pal if anyone wants to join in.

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