Aug 30, 2013

September: #GYSTS and a detox


I mentioned it earlier that September is going to be a month of challenges for me, that I decided to shake things up and make something happen! Or die trying :)

Luckily I won’t be alone, a whole group of us jumping in together online and through  Instagram because so many of us are struggling with plateaus or boredom in our fitness routines or food choices or whatnot. 

I’m probably taking on too much, but my intentions for September call be called a variety of things:

“September Shock” – My coffee detox month

“September Shred” – 30day SHRED is happening.

 both of those are part of my quest for September, which is to...

“Get Your $hit Together September” – #GYSTS

Now all of this means that I won’t have time to keep up with the C25K plan.  I’m not quitting it, more like deferring it physically until my head catches up.  I’m stuck at Week4Day2 but am struggling with heat and just a focus to do it at 4:30am.  So September is going to be a high cardio intense month with SHRED for my 4:30am timeslot and then my set rotation of P90X/Brazillian Buttlift/Jillian/Insanity at my 12pm timeslot.

The shock component of my September is my insane thought that this is the same month that I’m going to go without coffee. Kill me now.  But I’m shaking things up right? And that is the point to it all.
Disclaimer: This is NOT a caffeine detox, because I will be having hot tea in the mornings  or lemon water or something to perk me up. The coffee is because I’m wasting 80-100calories a day on creamer and about 8g of carbs. When you are lowcarb and your daily total of carbs is less than 30 but a third of them are in your coffee, it isn’t exactly a “well-balanced” food plan.

Measurements are pictures are happening tonight for my challenge, and I’ll be stocking up on tea options.

Anyone else jumping into the #GYSTS plan??
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  1. Can I just say I love the name of your blog? Also, I love the name of the GYSTS challenge! Checking it out now... :)

  2. Aww, thanks! I actually posted questioning my blog name, so I'm thankful to get feedback one way or another :)

    Jump on in, its not a full linkup, more of a hashtag party for motivation and accountability, and well those are good things for everyone, right??

    thanks for stopping by!


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