Sep 27, 2013

Five for Friday and #GYSTS recap

Linking up to The Good Life Blog for Five for Friday! I feel like its almost a cheat of a Friday post with all the linkups, but it is the most fun getting to pop into so many new blogs that I would have never found otherwise!

1. This has been quite the week with work, I didn't even post much. Instead I tried my best to keep up with everyone else's blogs. The ease of BlogLovin's phone app? Yep, I'm easily satisfied.

2. I can't wait to jump into Pumpkin Spice anything....but this week we are still hitting 98*. October is next week and my coffee-fast is overwith, so I will partake even in the 100* weather if it kills me!.

3. Propel packets. Just a smidge of flavor to enjoy my water after my midday workout...if it happens to have vitamins or whatever else they are selling, I'll take them. But for the most part, its weak enough for me to enjoy it.

4. Getting one step closer to no specialist doctors for LittleOne. She was downgraded to 'as needed' for followup with her gastro and we have pushed the need for an endoscope out until 'as needed.' We are still in murky area of what exactly is going on, but her growth is steady and management of her food allergy is getting easier.

5. I have seen the 'light'! ha! No really, I saw the scale on Saturday and FREAKED the freak out, since then I have been 100% faithful and on track with logging my foods and avoiding the bad stuff for me. I survived the bakesale and am avoiding the queso this week.

Fit Friday Recap for #GYSTS

Saturday - 30DayShredL3
Sunday - 30DayShredL3
Monday - 30DayShredL3 + 1.2miles + Jillian Michaels Yoga
Tuesday - 3.3miles + Insanity Weights + 30DayShredL2
Wednesday - 30DayShredL2 + 30DayShredL3
Thursday - 3.25miles + 30min Zumba + Insanity Cardio Abs
Friday - 30DayShredL3 + RockinAbs

I found my groove again for some treadmill time last week and this. I realized with the 5K tomorrow that I had to at least warm up my legs again! Jillian is good and my shoulders and abs are feeling it, but I needed to get some bonus cardio in so you can see I logged some miles in. Tomorrow is the Austin ColorRun, not my kind of thing...but I let my son pick it since he's running his first ever 5K and he wanted it to be an adventure. Now that he's seen the 'what to bring' warnings and the route he's backtracking alittle, but we will do it!

Sep 23, 2013

Weekend regrets...

I will probably be smacked silly if I said this in real life....

but I hate the weekends.

I shouldn't say that, it is the only time I get to enjoy the kidlets and breathe, and the weekends are my rest days after five straight days.  So why wouldn't I enjoy them?

The problem is that I enjoy them TOO much, its like my logical brain just turns itself off and ignores everything I've known and learned in the last six years.

Carbs, sure!!
gluten, sure!!
eat to the level of regret? You betcha!

I realized that come Sunday morning I felt like I was hungover and having to walk the 'walk of shame,' from a random house to my car. So much guilt and regret, so much shame that I'm lowering my head and can't look anyone in the eye.  I sucked it up and stepped on the scale to realize the damage and held back the tears. 

Despite solidly be faithful with working out, jogging, and eating lowcarb 5days a week I saw numbers that I hadn't seen in almost a year.

It turned Sunday into a detox and strict day, turned difficult with visiting family.

But it had to be done.

I even sat the restaurant table and logged my lunch on My Fitness Pal (Aprilelayne).  Tracking everything was a very fast reminder of how much snacking I had been doing, when I told my mom that I had less than 400 calories for dinner when we were deciding what to have.  I managed, but it was close!

This morning it was down 2lbs, the water and bloat...but the gluttony pounds are still there.

Jello was made for my sweet snack to replace the chocolate covered almonds.
Regular peanut butter was purchased to replace the honey roasted.
Salad was prepped for four days of lunches.

And now it is 7:30am and I've finished 40oz of water between my morning workout and commitment to bump up the water intake.

How do others get to enjoy their weekends without going overboard?

Sep 20, 2013

Five on Friday & #GYSTS Recap

Linking up to The Good Life Blog for Five for Friday! Check it out, its turned out to be MASSIVE!
Last week I linked up before 9am and was still in the middle 100s.

1. Monday I had a very rare treat...sadly its uber rare, but I enjoyed it.  I was able to attend the first PTA meeting of the year without kids. Even LittleOne! This is big, that despite the fact that she is 30months, Hubs is just now comfortable with managing the separation fit that ensues if I leave her eyesight.  There may have been a bribe involved, but I managed to sneak out of the house.

2. This week has killed me at work, forcing me to miss my mid-day workouts and overall just a cluster of a week, but having a little girl who is getting obsessed with bows in her hair and making sure she is dolled up? Its good enough for me to spend more time on her hair than mine.
 I broke down and am sporting a pony today.

3. Eggplant was on there anything more perfect than that? (favorite recipe ever is on tap for next week!)

4. Hubs and my dad are planning a ride this weekend, motorcycles that is.  While they get to enjoy the great outdoors and cursing as men will do, I will be visiting with my one and only aunt who is visiting.  
Needless to say, she's my "favorite Aunt."

5. And finally, today at work is the bestest day EVER (but not for my thighs).
Its Queso Friday.

 Seriously, I think I mentioned that Queso is a food group here in Texas and our office is a prime example.  September is the big month for charity contributions and we have to raise money for our annual donations right?  While we do the traditional bake sale, which is Wednesdays...this year we added in a bonus of QUESO FRIDAYS.
Each department is making different versions or styles, and this week is my groups' turn.
A building of close to 300 people and we've got to feed cheese to them.

Its all for United Way of Central Texas.

My thighs will pay the fee for the good cause.

Fit Friday Recap for #GYSTS

Saturday - 30DayShredL2
Sunday - 30DayShredL3
Monday - 30DayShredL3 + TaeBo BootCamp
Tuesday - 3.1miles + Jillian Sculpt 45min (different) + 30DayShredL3
Wednesday - 30DayShredL3 + Insanity Cardio
Thursday - 30DayShredL3 + Zumba
Friday - 3.40miles + 30DayShredL3 + P90X Cardio

As I said above in my 5forFriday, I confessed that I have had a week of pure insanity at work.  I'm cranky about missing some of my workouts, but grateful that I am at least keeping up with my challenge. If it weren't for my early morning time, I would have failed big time this week.

Its 20 days into this month and I honestly haven't seen any change yet, I'm bummed because of it.  I think I may have actually gained weight. Boo.  I am determined to finish it up and return to coffee precisely at 7am on Tuesday October 1st.

Toying with the idea of a mileage challenge for myself in October.

Sep 17, 2013

On The Table: Skillet Lasagna

We don't eat pasta often, but when we do....there is cheese involved! 

Queso is a Texas food group!

Not only for carb moderation, but moreso due to the cheese and acids for LittleOne. Her reflux and lactose issues don't handle it well, so I tend to scoop out the meat sauce before adding in the cheese for her.

I started making this as a quick weeknight dinner earlier this year and it immediately became a family favorite.  Honestly I don't remember the last time I made basic spaghetti! 

I've learn to add in a shredded zucchini into many dishes, it adds moisture and a veggie to thicken things up.  My trick is to peel it first so the 'green' veggie isn't 'seen' by kidlet eyes.  Ah, the things we sacrifice for the kids to eat?

Again, inspired by many...with a few April tweaks.

Skillet Lasagna

1 lb ground beef
1 medium onion diced small
14oz diced tomatoes (or use premade spaghetti sauce)
8oz tomato sauce
1 shredded peeled zucchini
1 shredded carrot
1/2 cup water
italian spices: oregano, basil, garlic to taste
5 sheets of lasagna noodles broken into 2in pieces (I had the no-boil kind)
1 cup of cottage cheese or ricotta
1/2 cup shredded or flaked parmesan cheese
1/2 cup mozzerella cheese shreds
2tbsp of dried parsley (optional)

  • Brown meat and onions together until done
  • drain excess grease
  • lay the broken lasagna noodles on top DO NOT STIR IN, just lay ontop of meat.
  • pour tomatoes or spaghetti sauce on top of noodles
  • pour 1/2 cup water around edge of skillet
  • cover and cook on medium for about 15minutes. Check noodle softness and stir mixture. Cover and continue cooking until noodles are al-dente.
  • (I cooked mine a total of 20 minutes using the no-boil noodles which are thinner than standard.)
  • While waiting the 20minutes, combine the cottage/ricotta cheese, parmesan and mozzerella along with some parsley.
  • When noodles are al-dente, drop scoops of the cheese mixture ontop of the meat and tomato mixture. Cover and simmer for 5 minutes.
  • Stir the entire skillet together to incorporate the cheese into the meat and tomato mixture.


Served with a green salad and enjoyed a simple lasagna dish in a bowl!

I honestly didn't expect Hubs to enjoy this because he's not a fan of pasta, but he really love this.  Since it is pasta, we don't eat it that often, but if I let Kiddo plan the month's menu, he'd have this every week!

Sep 16, 2013

Instagram jealousy

I got angry this weekend.

Angry at Instagram.

Okay, not was jealousy, I admit it. That and guilt.

Guilty that everytime I'd check in, I would find all my fitness inspiring people checking in with their long  runs or bonus workouts on Saturday or Sundays. You know where they show their Polars (another issue of jealousy, WANT! ) where they've gotten to run outside in glorious weather for an hour or so?? 

Jealous of everyone's weather, yes I admit it. I know I live in 'God's Country' of Texas and am uber proud of that, but there is only so much 100*+ weather and insane humidity a girl can take.  Especially this fair skinned Irish blooded girl.  No worries, I'll complain when the temperatures dip below 75* too because I'm a pansy and get cold too easily.

But more noticible was the guilt that set in. The guilt that I don't log anything on the weekends. I bust my butt during the work week with 60-75minutes of gym/exercise time so that I can have my 'rest' days as family days.  I wake up at 4:30am to workout while the kidlets and Hubs are snoozing and still dreaming away.  I feel like a fraud come the weekend and I just enjoy my family and don't schedule an hour away from them to get a long(er) run in.  However the reality is that when I do get to that point, the point where LittleOne will embrace daddy as she wakes up instead, the point where she won't freak the frick out if she can't find me, then I will likely feel guilty for spending that time for myself.  I need it, and I know I shouldn't feel guilty, it would truly be self-imposed....but I know myself too well.

I'll just have to get over it.

I'm still plugging along with my #GYSTS challenge of the 30DayShred, but must admit that I'm bored to tears.  Today is only day 16, and I'm about to bump up to Level3 just to do something new.  I did Level2 this morning and have it memorized already and kept thinking to myself 'okay, I just have the squat press left, etc' and then I can get on the treadmill. 

*I need to buy myself some smaller weights.  I've been using 8s which are tearing up my shoulders with the kind of routines Jillian has for me, so I am finding myself doing some movements without any weights.  That or I'm just getting old and have to admit that my shoulders are 'clicking.'

Sep 13, 2013

Five on Friday & #GYSTS Recap

Linking up to The Good Life Blog for Five for Friday!

  1. I ate like a PMSing teenager with not a care in the world yesterday and attacked a chocolate candy dish, it ended up in my trash can.....including all the empty wrappers.

2. Since giving up coffee this month, I have returned to my old faithful Chai. I am an Army brat that was raised in Germany, with British extended family, so being a tea drinker is in my blood....but I just found and fell in love with chai lattes only about five years ago.

3.  Today was LittleOne's picture day at daycare and at 30months, she finally has enough hair to wear a bow. And she cheesed it up for me to 'practice'

4. Its almost crockpot season!!! I can't wait to get to use it more regularly.  I am a lover of soups and stews year round, but have to admit that its hard to look forward to soup when its 108* outside.

5. I secretly am flattered that LittleOne carries around the 30DayShred DVD case and says its "momma."
(if I ever get gutsy enough, for fun I may try to do a mock picture to do a side-by-side)

Fit Friday Recap for #GYSTS

Saturday - 30DayShredL1
Sunday - 30DayShredL2
Monday - 30DayShred*Level 2 + TaeBo BootCamp
Tuesday - 30DayShredL2 + 1.2 miles + Brazillian Buttlift Sculpt
Wednesday - 30DayShredL2 + 3.5 miles
Thursday - 30DayShredL2 + 1.6miles + Zumba
Friday - 30DayShredL2 + P90X Cardio
I'm jumped up to Level2 on Day8 of the month like I thought I would. Its definitely harder and I'm working up a quick sweat in those hard 20minutes, but I have to confess something. 20minutes? that's it? I feel guilty if that is the only thing I'm getting in the mornings, don't get me wrong...its a solid 20minutes! That's why you may have noticed I've tried to get a mile here or there to help out, plus I don't want to lose the endurance I'd worked up to before this month.

and finally, have a great Friday the 13th!!!

Sep 12, 2013

On the Table: Healthy Mama BBQ Chicken (CP)

Last week was a crockpot recipe more suited for fall, but this one was used year round this past year.  It is chock full of veggies and it is like coming home to roasted chicken and vegetables in the middle of the week.  I've made this two different ways, but must admit that I've learned to love the idea of freezer prep for this one! So simple of tossing everything together and into gallon sized ziplock bags in the freezer.  The vegetables were better starting from a frozen state than fresh ironically, it avoided the mush factor certain veggies turn to.


link to original recipes and freezer prep. 
(my recipe below is for one dinner and my variations)

2 medium unpeeled potatoes, cut into 1/2 inch pieces, about 1.5 cups
1 large green or red or mixed pepper, cut into strips or cubes
2 zucchini, sliced about inch thick.
1 medium onion chopped or sliced. I did a thick slice
2 pounds chicken drumsticks
1 8oz cans of tomato sauce
2 tablespoons packed brown sugar
1 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
1 tablespoon yellow mustard
2 clove garlic, finely minced, about 2 tablespoons
1 teaspoon salt
1 chicken boullion
1/2 cup water

--6hours on low.

-I placed the veggies on the bottom of the pot. Kept them bigger pieces so they didn't mush up.
-I did just legs, but thighs would work great too.  I have also made this with frozen tenderloins for the white meat eaters, its great but does end up more as shredded chicken that falls apart (which is perfect for me and the toddler!)
-Mix the sauce parts (tomato sauce down) into a large bowl or bag to coat the meat and place on top of veggies

The original recipe calls for flour or tapioca to thicken the sauce/gravy...but I left it as the au jous and made a batch of rice to serve it like a bourbon chicken.

Got home  and steamed some broccoli on and called for dinner in 15minutes.

9yr old boy approved
37yr old picky man approved 
What is on your table this week?

Sep 10, 2013

Plans and Snickers

Why is it, that when we finally commit to making or doing something for ourselves, something ALWAYS comes up?  Whether it be the weather, an office functions, a family function, just life in general just gets in the way sometimes.

I'm not making excuses or thinking globally, just a reality that most of us in this journey are moms or partners and our lives are not just our own anymore.  I was putting in my leave requests at my work-work (the place that pays me /sorta) and I don't see those days anymore as 'ugh, I'm using my leave!' but more now as 'ugh, I'm going to miss my class those days!'

This is a good thing, right?

Tomorrow I will miss my midday workout, but instead I'm already wracking my brain on when or how I'm going to make up for it.  I do my 30DayShred and a mile or two in my 4:30am timeslot, but maybe I'll find time in the afternoon before the kiddos are home to squeeze in the 45minute cardio? 

I had to reschedule my daughter's next gastro appointment....and they offer me a Wednesday and I groan, not because its the middle of the day in far north Austin and it means I cannot work even a half day, but a groan of 'crap, Wednesdays are Insanity days!'

I'm proud of myself of these internal comments and have to smile at my frustration of missing or having to change my schedule.  The old me would have said 'screw it' and ate a Snickers Bar.

In other news....
In case anyone ever stumbles upon my world here (I know I have a couple new found friends!! Thank you people!) I've tried to organize my recipes to post on Tuesdays or Thursdays.  The tab is now titled 'On the Table' with a button to come soon enough.
I'm trying my best to take pictures as I make new recipes, but thus far posted some oldie favorites.  As I update pictures and notes, I'll refresh those recipes....
because we all know food porn is where its at!

Sep 6, 2013

Five For Friday & #GYSTS Recap

Linking up to The Good Life Blog for Five for Friday!

I am loving Fridays more and more recently now that I'm learning to chillax with the kidlets.  Despite the house being on the market for the month of August, the house and upkeep has been minimal since we are all on high-alert 100% of the time.  I'm loving the extra down time with the kids, which is counterbalanced with the new school hours, homework, and soon soccer practice.
I have reconfirmed my love of food boards on Pinterest, but to incorporate the first of my loves, is the new method of minimizing the time-suck that is Pinterest.  No, April, you do not have to glance at Pinterest with 'everything' simply should use the search box or at least the category functions.
But I realized, they really should add some categories more in line with what we women really want:
  • Chocolate
  • Cheese
  • Coffee
  • Purse
  • Shoes

I know you have 'food and drink' but really?? Coffee and chocolate both are worthy of their own respective categories, I can guarantee you, my dear Pinterest, that those boards will be even more popular than all the seasonal/themed coffee filter wreaths will be ever be.
really?? a possum and babies wreath?? really!

Its September and that means cooler weather ahead!! No more triple-digit weather (hopefully) which means I may actually get outside to run. 

It is September which means I can justifiably start Christmas shopping.  Okay the reality is I say that every year and every year I end up scrambling getting lackluster gifts after December 15th when I realize Christmas is only 10days later.  But maybe, just maybe this year will be different??

Fit Friday Recap for #GYSTS

Monday - (Labor Day) - 30DayShred (day2)
Tuesday - 30DayShred + 1.2 miles + ShaunT's Rockin' Body
Wednesday - 30DayShred + Insanity
Thursday - 30DayShred + 1.6miles + Zumba
Friday - 30DayShred + P90X Plyo
I'm thinking of bumping up to Level2 of the Shred video on Sunday for Day8 instead of waiting to Day10 simply because I may get stuck on Level 2 and need a cushion of a day or two before that leap to Level3 I've heard so much about.

Anyone else trying to hit #GYSTS hard? How's it going for your September Challenges?

And yes, the first week of no coffee has been successful.
I haven't hurt anyone at home or at work, that's a success!

I get more done before 5am than most.
What did you do for yourself today?
(old Army quote)

Sep 4, 2013

So What Wednesday

Is there a rule about linkups? Because I'm jumping in on this one this week, you know why?

I found myself saying 'so what!?' just last night and again this morning, so I think it was fate that I vent it out here.

1. So what if I tend to wear my workout socks inside out? its not hurting anyone and rarely anyone notices. Bonus? so what that I posted said socks on Instagram . No shame people, its just socks!

2. So what if I forget my hairband and have to do the classy workaround of using a rubberband from my desk?

3. So what if I haven't told Hubs that I gave up coffee for the month of September, he won't notice, right??

4. So what if my 9yr old and I both have a 5K to run together, his first ever, in three weeks and he hasn't practiced much.  I've reminded him that he needs to join me outside or I will give him permission to use the treadmill, but I'm not going to force it on him.  (So what if I won't be disappointed if he 'forces' me to walk more than I want to....)

5. And it seems that I may be the last person in the world to try a scoop of peanut butter in my oatmeal?? So what if I'm late to this genious creation, I'm going to shout it from the rooftops if I want to, because its the bomb! (I don't need any brown sugar or other sweetners at all!)

On the Table: Mushroom Stroganoff (V)

When I meal plan I try to have one crockpot meal and one vegetarian meal a week (at least) which means this recipe was a 'two-fer'  This was one meal that incorporated both of my planning needs, not only is it vegetarian but it’s a crockpot meal. “Rock on April”

This is one of the very few purely vegetarian dinners that my carnivore husband will ask for! It has been several months since I made this, most likely before it was 100 degree weather. So bookmark this one for the fall or for your week nights now that school is back in.

Mushroom Stroganoff
-->(Sorry blogworld!! I cannot find my notes as to who/where this was inspired from...I do give credit where it is due, I promise)
2tbsp of butter
1lb of mushrooms, sliced
1 medium onion, julienned or chopped
2cups of vegetable stock (I ended up adding an extra cup to make it saucy)
1 tbsp of ketchup (trust me!)
sprinkle of garlic powder
salt and pepper to taste
cornstarch to thicken if desired
2cups cooked - egg noodles, rice, penne, etc.

1. melt butter in pot
2. add in sliced mushrooms and onions, cook to transparent but not mushy
3. add in ground pepper (I use fresh with large pieces) salt and garlic.
4. Add in stock, start with 2cups for now
5. add in ketchup, I almost didn't do it, but trust me it worked!
6. Stir and simmer for 30-40minutes. *this recipe was originally a crockpot recipe that I altered, so you could easily throw it in the crockpot at this point and cook on low for 4-6hours)
7. Watch for amount of sauce, I added another cup of water/stock to give us extra sauce.
8. After about 40minutes, I added in a little cornstarch-water slurry to thicken up the sauce slightly.
9. We had leftover plain penne pasta, 2cups, so I simply warmed that up and tossed it into the pot with the mushroom sauce and simmered for another 10minutes to warm the noodles.

This was heavenly, not only was it super-easy-peasy-like-1-2-3, but so yummy!
Using the penne made it a basic mushroom pasta, but it was creamy and coated the noodles perfectly (without milk or cream too!).
But this would also be good on top of brown or white rice, or egg noodles as originally instructed.

What is on your table this week?

Sep 3, 2013

So it begins...#GYSTS

I'm an utter moron, or perhaps a smart cookie.....but I realized at like 5pm Saturday that it was only the 31st of August and NOT the first of September. Do you realize what that means??

I started my personal challenge a day early!? I was so eager to start hitting it hard, that I jumped the gun and skipped coffee Saturday morning.
Honestly it didn't dawn on me until after I posted a picture of my lucky day at Target when I randomly received an itty bitty too-small-for-Jenks sized sample of a pumpkin cinnamon dulce latte.
(Note:if you get the Jenks reference, we are destined to be BFFS.)
I posted it and then noticed my phone calendar and the luck that I hadn't messed up the challenge on day one! Ha! Whew...that was close though!

Sunday was much more focused meeting both goals. It wasn't until 830pm that I met Jillian and the level one of 30day Shred. I realize I need smaller weights for these kinds of workouts. I currently use 8s and 15s for concentrated weight work, but these movements I really need a set of basic 5s.

Monday was our family day of more swimming and visiting family. It was a private pool so I actually wore my goal bikini (first one ever)...even though I am currently a solid ten to fifteen above my smallest. But I still felt good, I may not be the same number, but it still fit comfortably...and most important?
I was having a blast in the pool with my kidlets....the whole reason I'm working on ME. To make memories WITH them.

Any other #GYSTS members?? 
How's the first couple of days worked out?

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