Sep 16, 2013

Instagram jealousy

I got angry this weekend.

Angry at Instagram.

Okay, not was jealousy, I admit it. That and guilt.

Guilty that everytime I'd check in, I would find all my fitness inspiring people checking in with their long  runs or bonus workouts on Saturday or Sundays. You know where they show their Polars (another issue of jealousy, WANT! ) where they've gotten to run outside in glorious weather for an hour or so?? 

Jealous of everyone's weather, yes I admit it. I know I live in 'God's Country' of Texas and am uber proud of that, but there is only so much 100*+ weather and insane humidity a girl can take.  Especially this fair skinned Irish blooded girl.  No worries, I'll complain when the temperatures dip below 75* too because I'm a pansy and get cold too easily.

But more noticible was the guilt that set in. The guilt that I don't log anything on the weekends. I bust my butt during the work week with 60-75minutes of gym/exercise time so that I can have my 'rest' days as family days.  I wake up at 4:30am to workout while the kidlets and Hubs are snoozing and still dreaming away.  I feel like a fraud come the weekend and I just enjoy my family and don't schedule an hour away from them to get a long(er) run in.  However the reality is that when I do get to that point, the point where LittleOne will embrace daddy as she wakes up instead, the point where she won't freak the frick out if she can't find me, then I will likely feel guilty for spending that time for myself.  I need it, and I know I shouldn't feel guilty, it would truly be self-imposed....but I know myself too well.

I'll just have to get over it.

I'm still plugging along with my #GYSTS challenge of the 30DayShred, but must admit that I'm bored to tears.  Today is only day 16, and I'm about to bump up to Level3 just to do something new.  I did Level2 this morning and have it memorized already and kept thinking to myself 'okay, I just have the squat press left, etc' and then I can get on the treadmill. 

*I need to buy myself some smaller weights.  I've been using 8s which are tearing up my shoulders with the kind of routines Jillian has for me, so I am finding myself doing some movements without any weights.  That or I'm just getting old and have to admit that my shoulders are 'clicking.'

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