Sep 23, 2013

Weekend regrets...

I will probably be smacked silly if I said this in real life....

but I hate the weekends.

I shouldn't say that, it is the only time I get to enjoy the kidlets and breathe, and the weekends are my rest days after five straight days.  So why wouldn't I enjoy them?

The problem is that I enjoy them TOO much, its like my logical brain just turns itself off and ignores everything I've known and learned in the last six years.

Carbs, sure!!
gluten, sure!!
eat to the level of regret? You betcha!

I realized that come Sunday morning I felt like I was hungover and having to walk the 'walk of shame,' from a random house to my car. So much guilt and regret, so much shame that I'm lowering my head and can't look anyone in the eye.  I sucked it up and stepped on the scale to realize the damage and held back the tears. 

Despite solidly be faithful with working out, jogging, and eating lowcarb 5days a week I saw numbers that I hadn't seen in almost a year.

It turned Sunday into a detox and strict day, turned difficult with visiting family.

But it had to be done.

I even sat the restaurant table and logged my lunch on My Fitness Pal (Aprilelayne).  Tracking everything was a very fast reminder of how much snacking I had been doing, when I told my mom that I had less than 400 calories for dinner when we were deciding what to have.  I managed, but it was close!

This morning it was down 2lbs, the water and bloat...but the gluttony pounds are still there.

Jello was made for my sweet snack to replace the chocolate covered almonds.
Regular peanut butter was purchased to replace the honey roasted.
Salad was prepped for four days of lunches.

And now it is 7:30am and I've finished 40oz of water between my morning workout and commitment to bump up the water intake.

How do others get to enjoy their weekends without going overboard?


  1. Weekends are always the worst for me too. We just gotta pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and keep your eye on the prize!

    1. Thanks Des, I am focusing and positive about moving forward....just the number stared back at me and smacked me back to reality yesterday.

      Onward and upward, right?

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