Sep 10, 2013

Plans and Snickers

Why is it, that when we finally commit to making or doing something for ourselves, something ALWAYS comes up?  Whether it be the weather, an office functions, a family function, just life in general just gets in the way sometimes.

I'm not making excuses or thinking globally, just a reality that most of us in this journey are moms or partners and our lives are not just our own anymore.  I was putting in my leave requests at my work-work (the place that pays me /sorta) and I don't see those days anymore as 'ugh, I'm using my leave!' but more now as 'ugh, I'm going to miss my class those days!'

This is a good thing, right?

Tomorrow I will miss my midday workout, but instead I'm already wracking my brain on when or how I'm going to make up for it.  I do my 30DayShred and a mile or two in my 4:30am timeslot, but maybe I'll find time in the afternoon before the kiddos are home to squeeze in the 45minute cardio? 

I had to reschedule my daughter's next gastro appointment....and they offer me a Wednesday and I groan, not because its the middle of the day in far north Austin and it means I cannot work even a half day, but a groan of 'crap, Wednesdays are Insanity days!'

I'm proud of myself of these internal comments and have to smile at my frustration of missing or having to change my schedule.  The old me would have said 'screw it' and ate a Snickers Bar.

In other news....
In case anyone ever stumbles upon my world here (I know I have a couple new found friends!! Thank you people!) I've tried to organize my recipes to post on Tuesdays or Thursdays.  The tab is now titled 'On the Table' with a button to come soon enough.
I'm trying my best to take pictures as I make new recipes, but thus far posted some oldie favorites.  As I update pictures and notes, I'll refresh those recipes....
because we all know food porn is where its at!


  1. Good job on avoiding that snickers bar! It is absolutely inevitable that when you make plans, something is going to pop up and then you have to change them! Hate that! You do so good planning and accommodating everything, then BAM..... a wrench in the plan!

    1. oh Des, you jinxed me...the rest of the week I was a weak! Snickers, twix, AND plenty of M&Ms were had.
      oh well, onward and downward, right??

      Its a new week and a new day.

  2. I completely agree! We started this diet bet and we've had a wedding and a fall festival, and a weekend with two birthday parties to look forward to. How's a chubby gal supposed to drop a few with all this temptation?!

    I totally need to remind myself to creep through your recipes!


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