Oct 2, 2013

30day SHRED Results

As promised, I completed some new challenges for the month of September and while it wasn't hard at the time, I am grateful that it is over! ha!

Thanks to Amber at Crafty Healthy Mommy for coordinating or at least inspiring us to Get our $hit Together for September (or what we ended up tagging as #GYSTS)  it really did help having friends on the blogworld and Instagram encouraging each other on and venting together.

My goals for September included completion of the 30dayShred and a voluntary detox from coffee.
Honestly? The coffee was harder than Jillian!


I followed the plan although I was not motivated and in fact felt like I was going through the motions more than anything.  I got very bored with the same routine everyday for a week at a time or so.  I went into the program assuming it was 10/10/10 of each of the levels, but no, I didn't like that logical plan.

Level 1 = 8days
Level 2 = 7days
Level 3 = 10days
Level 2/3 alernating = 5days

The workouts being only 20minutes made me feel lazy, to the point that I started jumping on the treadmill for a quick mile before doing the video. It actually helped being warmed  up and it helped put me in the mood for a workout moreso than Jillian.

So admittedly I didn't simply do the Shred video as my only workouts, which I didn't plan to...but for the sake of before/after information it needs to be said that the Shred was simply a new workout to try IN ADDITION to my midday workouts and some treadmill runing.

While I did take before pictures, there is zero point in sharing since nothing is visible at all.  

August 31st / October 1:
Weight: 154.2 / 152.8 = 1.4 pounds
Bust - 34.5 / 34.5 = no change (thankfully!)
Waist - 28.50 / 27.50 = 1.0 inch
Arms - 11.50 / 11.50 = no change
Hips - 41.0 / 40.5 = .5 inch
Top of thigh (sadlebag) - 25.50 / 24.50 = 1 inch
Quad (4in above knee) - 21.0 / 19.75 = 1.25 inches
Calf - 15.0/ 15.0 = no change

Total inches? 3.75 inches
Total weight? 1.4 pounds

Pictures? I did take before and after....but there is nothing visible from my crappy cell phone pictures!  I'm not complaining, I obviously am more toned than I was. 

So now into October!!
My challenge this month?  MILEAGE!


  1. I totally hear you. I couldn't get past the same ole same ole dialogue. I'm not a fan. I think I will just save Jillian there for a rainy day when I can't get out or if I'm in a time crunch for something.

    1. Right? I tried it without 'commentary' but then I kept missing cues to switch when I was on the floor and not looking at the computer. Oh well, it was something different to change things up!
      Thanks for the visit

  2. A whole inch on your waist?!! That's great! I'm sure there's a difference in the pics, but sometimes it's soooo hard to see. WTG finishing up the month though!

  3. I did the "shred" back in July ... I liked it, but also kept up my other cardio workouts (treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike). I took before/after pictures but also couldn't really see a huge difference. Still glad I did it, and I'll turn on one of the workouts here and there still. I'm going to try "Ripped in 30" now but not really follow the direct plan. I still like MY weight workout and my cardio.


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