Oct 4, 2013

Color in Motion 5K Recap

This past Saturday was an exciting day for Kiddo and even me. Earlier this summer while I started getting back into the running and scouring the internet for inspiration and goals to set myself for. Living in Austin has its advantages with having way too many official runs available, so much that even across the room while I on my phone that Kiddo can see the ads on my phone for various fun runs.
 All out of my normal clean and simple runs, right? But I'm a good momma and listened to Kiddo, who had just turned 9yrs old in July. I agreed to let him pick a fun 5K to run if he would run with me, so the plan was made. He is too young for the Foam and Mud, so we ended up selecting the Color in Motion 5K.

Pay attention to the name here people, because if you don't....you end up feeling like a tool at the bib pick-up, trust me!  I won't waste anyone's time, but lets give some pointers to the race organizers:
  • There are several different named color runs, but the concept is the same.
  • It must be difficult to come up with a name that is different than one another when the concept is the same.
  • Austin TX is plenty big enough and has enough stores or locations to have bib pickup be different for each of these similarly named races.

Therefore, don't name yourself so close to ColorRun, don't schedule it exactly 2weeks after one another, and don't dare have pickup at the same precise location (which by the way, was very out of the way compared to the location of the run.)  You may end up with visitors all expecting a lot more swag with their pickup when they are confusing your race for the other.
Just sayin'

On to the race itself.
It was fun, the atmosphere was really relaxed compared  to timed races that I've been in. I'm not a chip runner, since I don't even call myself a runner, but this was much more relaxed and fun than those other races.  Everyone gathered at the starting 'area' since there wasn't any official start line that I saw.  There was an announcer on staffolding and he started throwing out extra bags of color to the crowd which was a cue for everyone to start coloring each other. Kiddo had a blast with this, in fact we ended up with an extra bag thanks to a woman who gave us hers in the parking lot.  So the crowd started moving pretty well, and I kept reminding Kiddo to stay by me, that it would be easier once the crowd thins out.

He made us walk pretty early on, but my hips were grateful since the route turned out pretty rough with loose gravel and big gouges in the road.  About one mile of it was in the weeds, which was bad for my allergies (my hands swell and burn) and Kiddo got cranky with everyone around us and me trying to keep him to the far right if we were walking.

But we survived, finishing at about 43minutes of mostly walking the route.  I'd say he actually ran only 1.25miles.  We chatted on the way home about what was wrong and if he'd do it again (because selfishly I really want this to be something for us together that his dad or sister doesn't join in, our mommy/kiddo thing) and he just complained about the gravel and grass, which I confirmed his issues myself.  So he is willing to try again if I can find him a street course.

I forgot to get any 'before' pictures by myself....but did get an 'after' to show my color!
Color in Motion 5K 9/28 

I found a local 5K on October 20th for myself to try and see what my time would be at, so local that I literally could be drive there and be back right about 1hour. Which means Hubs could handle LittleOne if in fact they woke up while I was gone, ha!

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