Oct 21, 2013

Guilt and anger.

I will not step on the scale this week, I can't...I know its not real.

I haven't gotten to work out since last Thursday's morning run, and I swear it feels like I haven't worked out in a year with the bloat and blah I'm feeling today. I made the mistake of looking in the mirror and anger came over me, it hasn't been a week but I look and feel like I just wasted months of hard work and am right back to where I was six months ago.  Guilt and anger.

I can't push it and workout too much like I want to, but I got the kids to go for extra long bike rides yesterday for me to walk with them.  That counts for something right?

Its time like this that I wish I could do cleanse or detox things like the Advocare 24 day challenge or even the 10day things....but I can't.  I can barely swallow pills, and the idea of those horsepills repeatedly? Yikes!

I have a friend who just sent me a message for her new program, Plexus , never heard of it before and I'm not normally one for supplements or whatnot, but that email was received yesterday evening in the midst of a 'woe is me' moment regarding the bloat and exercise limitations.

So what do I have out there for me to jump back into this game?  Since I can't go extreme like doing a double workout tomorrow or even a single run, the answer has to be in a clean up of the food choices I've made. I don't know what it is, but when the time in the gym is limited, my brain seems to forget the food and portion control aspect of the lifestyle.

I'm pretty sure my October will be a month of gain at this point.  I'm not counting myself out for the month with 10days left, but I also have houseguests moving in this week.

My in-laws are moving in for a couple months...

Anyone ever try or heard about this Plexus stuff?
Any other suggestions on things to kickstart some movement on the scale?

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