Oct 8, 2013

Introducing 'On The Table'

I mentioned it before about the re-organization and titling of some recipes, but never elaborated and felt maybe we needed some details.
(See, I told you that I may eventually get organized)

Rather than share a weekly menu, or commit myself to posting it regularly I thought why not share a recipe of 'what is on my table' that week.  I do meal plan, at least four dinners a week with the remainder open for 'free form' cooking or the off chance that Hubs will cook or leftovers.

I realized that I've been posting recipes for a while and some of acronyums that some may not be familiar with, so here goes!

GF - gluten free -  naturally or I've made modifications with oatmeal or rice flour. Nothing fancy because we aren't a GF house.

SF - soy free - my 2yr old daughter has a significant reaction to soy and we have eliminated it in most dishes.  Its more commonly snuck into packaged foods as a filler, so any commercial baked good likely has soy in it (its cheaper!)

DF - dairy free - either naturally dairy free or I've modified with almond milk.  Both my daughter and I are lactose intollerant.

LC - LowCarb - either naturally a lowcarb meal, or ones that I am able to make a LC option while the family eats the full meal. Example, salsa chicken tacos can be eaten in lettuce wraps or made GF with a portion of rice instead of flour tortillas.

V - vegetarian - I may indicate this on dishes that have a vegetarian option or tweak.  Like my lamb meatballs and eggplant sauce, the eggplant sauce is amazing by itself as a vegetarian meal since they are cooked separately.

Moroccan - These dishes are hard to write up since I do all my spices by smell or look.  The measurements are by nose/eye but I will try and show pictures as I do them.  Obviously they are favorites that I've managed to learn after several years of marriage! but Hubs is the resident authority on these dishes.

I will gladly update this listing if I find more reasons or need to notate for others.

Now, let's see what is 'on the table!'

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