Oct 25, 2013

It's Friday and I'm awesome

Its Friday!!!

and I'm flat out exhausted! (and considering I only worked three days this week, I should be embarrassed to say that, but I'm not.)

In extremely sad, but timely news

Today is the last Queso Friday at work.
Our charity drive kicked butt this year with these events, averaging over $500 a week for local organizations.  I'm proud to say that I contributed a total of $12 over the course of eight weeks with six bowls of queso purchased and enjoyed for lunches.

This may or may not have been a reason for my lackluster losses this month.
(what losses? I had absolutely no losses)

But to counteract that sad lip, I do have something to smile about.

A week or two ago I joined at W.O.W. #23 with SkinnyMeg and talked about working out in the workplace, I got amazing viewers visiting my site (thanks linkup gurus!) but also wanted to post a brief update as I was quoted in the internal newsletter:

April had this to say about setting aside a specific amount of time for herself:
"Call it work stress, or time stress, but getting 45 minutes to focus on me, as April, is amazing.  I'm not 'mom, 'spouse,' or 'worker April,' but simply me.  Getting to do something for myself without distraction and interruption."

Yes Dean, yes I am.

I needed my own remarks as a reminder!  After this week of ZERO, ZILCH, NADA in the means of working out and even worse food choices, I need to read my own comments to know why I want ot keep going and pushing myself further and faster.

While I can't run until the doctor releases me, I am planning on jumping back into my 4:30am routine after a week off with some sitting bicep and arm work, and maybe some basic walking to keep me on my toes and not lose my routine anymore than I already have. 

Today is 9 days since my last run, and I've realized that I'm cranky without that time for myself and my knees are aching to get some movement!!

Perhaps I really can call myself a runner? 

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  1. Ahh any Dean Winchester gif I see just makes my heart smile! I'm also waiting to see the doc before I run again. Hoping we can get some good news on that front soon! I see my orthopedic doc on Monday!

    Enjoy your weekend and hope you can get some relaxation in!


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