Oct 3, 2013

October Goals

This has been quite the week, a sickly kid, chaos at the pharmacy.....being subject to easy pantry access.  Basically anyone's sabotage for emotional and stress eating, right?  And it has been rough I admit.  I skipped my 4:30am wakeup call this morning because frankly knowing you are home for the day with a sick kiddo makes it hard to push yourself that hard.  The monthly 'friend' is also expected this week, so yep...its been a week of temptation to fall off the wagon in a serious way.

So instead, I'm trying to focus on NOT doing that, and seeing myself even better by the end of the month.   September was my month with #GYSTS and just trying to stay back on track in a serious way and it did help having a solitary goal or challenge in mind rather than just 'working out' and 'eating right.'

Lets say it together then,

"My goals for October are...."
  • Treadmill time and focus, my aim is for 3.5miles at least three times a week (M/W/F) and 2miles on the other days along with my arm routine.  This should result in approximately 14.5miles a week to hit 60miles for the month.  The challenge I think is more on my knees and legs than me mentally, so I'm prepared to ice and tape if necessary.
  • Attending my midday wellness class 5days a week rather than my usual 4
  • Bump up the water again, I started strong in September but it fell again midmonth.
  • And can I pretty-please finally fall down below the 150lb mark??
  • pretty please?
  • And find some new yummy recipes to try out, Hubs hasn't been 'wowed' with another new in a while.

So, anyone else set aside some new goals for the new month? 
Any new found websites f or yummy recipes to try? 

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  1. Great goals! I'm with you on the water, I've been doing much better this week though ( and having to pee about a zillion times a day too!)
    I'm also trying to hit 10,000 steps on my fitbit every day this month! We will see how that goes.. LOL


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