Oct 19, 2013

Quirky Friday

Well so much for preparing my Five for Friday post early and having wonderfully sarcastic gifs and commentary.
Guess I'll just draft them up and not publish until the morning of now that it bombed on me.

So much for trusting my ipad posts, right?

My faves centered around soccer for kiddo, pumpkin anything for me, and other randoms that I fancied on Thursday night when I prepped my post. eh.

Instead I've spent my day racking my brain as to what exactly happened yesterday.  I had surgery under general anesthesia, but I don't even remember much. That stuff must be good, I remember being rolled out of my room, but I got nothing after that. I don't remember entering another room, or even the anesthesia doctor starting the meds.
I think the anesthesia nursed started it behind my head in the room? Its okay I suppose....its hard to think about a loss in time (might be the control freak in me?)

Disclaimer: I suppose blogging while medicated is not recommended.
and with this I'm out....
Enjoy your weekend lovelies!

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