Oct 23, 2013

So What Wednesday - Gif style

I find it only fitting to do the So What Wednesday with Life After I Dew this week of all weeks.

So what if…. 
1.Today is the first day I’ve had to truly relax after my surgery, but am at work already.

2. That I have scavenged around the building and scored some OTC meds because I’m an idiot and thought I was okay to not bring my pain meds with me.

3. That I have three days of work piled up from my absence and I’d rather close my door and take a nap at work.

4. That I have not meal planned beyond tonight’s dinner because my *In-Laws arrive tonight. (upcoming post) 

5. That I’m about to break up with my “coffee-club” at work and begin my own. 

And with that I leave you and head into Thursday hoping for a better day.
*may be necessary to re-read #4

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