Oct 16, 2013

Speed bump

I have found that I work best when given a challenge....
I'm too competitive and proud to ever admit defeat, so it works for me to have someone or something to compete with.  Not for any prize, just for the satisfaction of knowing I did it.

September was #GYSTS aka 'getting your $hit together September' and I met my goals.
October I deemed as 'Mileage month' with a monthly mileage goal of at least 50 miles (originally 60) completed.
And then I realized today is the 16th, the month is half over and it's just not going to happen. I was being a mom and dealing with a sick toddler for three days the first week of the month.  That means I missed my weekly goal of 12-15 miles  from the first week alone. Insert pouty lip :(
But I made up for it last week with my bonus run on Saturday night and I hit 18.46miles for the week?! Say what??

I think I looked like this after cooling off!
I have managed to average over three miles each day the week so far, so I will hit 12 after Thursday morning, but then an unexpected speed bump. Seems that a procedure I've been expecting got suddenly scheduled for Friday. This Friday! I'm not in an anxiety induced food binge yet, don't worry I'm sure I will attack some coffee and chocolate Thursday night before the sat begins at midnight.  Yuck.

I had texted a friend that I will just walk Friday morning since I can't drink any water or anything and she mentioned the 'C' word.....as in that I was crazy to think about working out mere hours before surgery. And she's right, I don't know how I'm going to recover I ought not push myself to be sore unnecessarily.
So I get to skip my Friday miles, and lay low for the weekend.
Here's the cincher though....I'm more scared of the following week. Will I be able to jump back into things? How much time off do I have to take? I really don't want to lose the momentum I've recently gotten.
(the procedure is fairly minor and typically done in some offices....but my body hates me and my *gyno would be more comfortable with me knocked out and monitored longer than most.) 
It's not boobs
Or lipo
Or anything fun.
Just one of the oh fun things of being a 37yr old woman.
 (feel free to email me if you have questions)

and yes, I've fallen hard for the gifs! 
 Since I don't do too many pictures, at least this livens things up, right?


  1. Hope everything goes well for you on Friday! Will be thinking of you! (Love the gif of #9) :)

  2. After GYSTS I also realized that I need a challenge like that to keep me motivated! Wishing you the best of luck on your procedure and a quick recovery :)


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