Oct 7, 2013

Weekend Relax?

Who am I and where is the real April?  
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"Relax" is not in my normal vocabulary at all, and maybe others wouldn't call my weekend relaxing, but for me? Yep, I'm feeling pretty good about it. That or I'm still on my endorphine high from this morning's kick butt treadmill time?

psst, I actually ran a solid 24 minutes without a break or pause or even a 'omg I'm going to die' thought cross my mind!  Add in that my stupid wifi lost signal in the garage and I did this with Usher coming and going every two or three minutes to startle the crap out of me when I'm chanting or counting steps in my head instead and suddenly get a 'YEAH' thrown in my ear?  I'm surprised I didn't fall off the treadmill.

go me!

Our weekend was basically filled with soccer for Kiddo.  Friday after work and kidlet pickup, we headed over to Academy for emergency cleats.  The kid had another one of those instant growing-over-night events and from one day to the next, his cleats no longer fit him. And now my 9yr old officially is wearing shoes bigger than me.  I'm in a 8 running shoe and ear 7.5 in flats or sandals and such, and the child is now at the max size of kids at a 6, aka an 8 in womens. CRAZY.

Saturday morning was full of house projects starting with reorganizing the guest room in preparation for my in-laws extended visit (that is worth an entire week of posts) and cleaning.  Then off to Kiddo's soccer game for an hour.  He still plays half field this season, but next season will bump up to full field, which is a main reason I want him to start running more with me to build up his endurance more.  Anyway, a solid good game (2-1.)

Then a Target run which we know always ends up taking an hour despite only needing to run in for a single item?

Home for lunch. Proud of myself as I prepared leftovers for the crew of mexican lasagna, and I made myself a big green salad with tuna for protein.

A full grocery shopping experience rounded off my day with two kids in tow.  Needless to say, our dinner plans were basic burgers on the grill.

Sunday was much more laid back and with absolutely gorgeous weather. So gorgeous that I lost Hubs to the great outdoors so he could enjoy a nice ride (motorcycle.)  I forced the kids outside to ride bikes and I got a basic walk in.  Good thing, because we ended up splurging with Whataburger for lunch....my weakest moment this entire weekend, but oh so worth it!
It was still so beautiful out, I took the kids to a huge park for almost two hours before heading home at 3pm.

Sundays are our typical Moroccan dinner night where I try my best to do an authentic dish by technique.  This means it literally takes upwards of two hours to cook our main meal of the day, I started at 5:25 and we ate dinner at 8pm.  I did not time it well, but luckily dinner was a hit.

October goals:
With last week being a total cluster, I've already screwed myself in regards to my 50mile month goal.  Today is the 7th and I've only logged in two solid runs for a total of just under 8miles where I should be right around 12 to stay on pace for my goal.  I will have to find a weekend run somewhere in the month to really hit it.  Luckily as of today I'm still determined and hopeful.

(again...I could still be on a runner's high though)
(I specifically don't share on FB, but think its a riot that others do)

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  1. Ugh, it drives me crazy when I forget to turn on my GPS or leave my phone at home and I have uncounted miles! I always feel like I've been cheated and I go around telling all my friends on Nike + that they're not REALLY beating me because I have something like 20 uncounted miles lol



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