Oct 28, 2013

Weekend: Slithery things and cheesecakes

Love blogging my Mondays' with Sami and reading about everyone's Weekend Shenanigans!
(its the one post that is more about family and fun instead of fitness and food....
granted mine tend to gravitate to food no matter what! ha!)

Sami's Shenanigans

I have to admit, my weekends are going to be bumped up a notch now that the In-Laws have arrived.  At least should make for interesting Monday posts, right?  I'm kidding, its not bad at all (yet) its simply an adjustment going from a family of four to six and a more cultural awareness.

1. Soccer Saturday of course!!  Everyone loaded up and watched Kiddo play, which was fun since its usually just LittleOne and myself while Hubs is busy volunteering.  Luckily Kiddo had a great game!  Hubs realized that he's actually moving stronger into midfield position (this is the first season Coach is using midfielding) but we both noted that he needs to work on endurance.

2. Fun was later had at a free Halloween outing for the kidlets.  The haunted hayride for the adults was overrun and the wait line was over an hour! Hubs was disappointed (ahem..I was relieved.)  The most 'fun' was when the bounce house deflated and collapsed on Kiddo.  He was one of the most mature one in the house and he ushered the little kids out of the house since they got scared.  I love how much his 'big brother' instinct kicks in even if his sister isn't with him.

3. Since Saturday's Halloween outing was a bust, I scoured the internet and found another local event.  Loaded up our new expanded family of 6 to visit Texas Natural Science Museum on the University of Texas campus for some science-geek fun for Kiddo and dressup fun for LittleOne. Kiddo got to manhandle puffer fish, lampreys, bonnethead sharks while LittleOne and I made a spider bracelet and ring.  Free fun that cost $15 in parking madness, but in downtown Austin that's not too bad!

4. Somehow our Sunday outing resulted in a gourmet cheesecake AND a lemon pound cake being in our house by 6pm.  This is not a good thing.

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